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Jezera – Touring the Waters of the Town!


Located on the island of Murter, Jezera is a small town in Croatia. The town is rich with scenic beauty and attractions that make it the perfect spot for your holidays visit.

This city has a range of large water pools that look like real lakes, and this is what the town is actually popular for. While Jezera may be famous for its natural beauty, let’s not forget to mention the historical significance and the monuments it has. There are some beautifully built structures including churches, the churches like the infamous Our Lady of the Health.

It is visited by a huge number of tourists every year which is why with increasing tourism, it has also became better equipped in terms of accommodating the tourists. It will offer you a variety of accommodations to choose from.

You can get yourself an apartment or hotels depending on your preferences. You will find a variety of rooms and suites that have the most breathtaking view from their galleries. Choose wisely!

You can also opt for camping. It will be a whole another experience and entirely refreshing to stay out of your comfort zone and experience nature. You will be awestruck by the views, with clean and tranquil water of the beach and laying under beautiful night skies. 

If you are not sure about camping, you can also easily find mobile homes that offer you an experience similar to camping but are much more comfortable.

Jezera has a Mediterranean climate zone and has mild summers. This makes it the perfect spot, especially for your summer vacations!

There are also a lot of beaches in this area that are famous for their natural beauty as well as the facilities you find there. Some of these beaches include the Lovisca beach, Zaratic beach, and Koromasna beach.

Over the years Jezera has also become the most famous fishing spot in the region. Want some fresh seafood? This is the place for you!

Jezera’s beaches also have many fun activities around the area including famous eateries and bars and cafes.

One another great thing to do on these beaches is to avail the facility of boat rental there.

Hire a Boat Jezera

With increasing tourism, the facilities have also increased. One of these facilities is boat rental in Jezera. You can hire a boat from a wide variety of boat types.

From sailboats to motorboats, kayak boats and to all sizes of yachts, the variety is endless. Renting a boat will be a very different and thrilling experience for you. You will get the chance of taking a good look at the surroundings.

It is fully packed with tourists during summers. So, if you do plan to rent a boat during your visit, try to make the bookings as soon as possible. Make sure the boat you hire has a professional driver if you don't know how to "drive" your boat, has all safety measures and equipment and allows you to take part in extra activities such as fishing.

You will find many boats that will ensure your boating experience is up to the mark with Samboat. You can take part in other fun activities on the boat as well. You can indulge in fishing, waterskiing and even some sports activities.

For something more adventurous, you can even opt for a jet ski. This will be an individual experience that will make your trip to Jezera a memorable one. If you are going to spend money and time on a vacation, spend it on a destination that has to offer more than the usual, like Jezera and its beautiful beaches.


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