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Vodice, the perfect vacation spot!


Located on the Adriatic coast, Vodice makes a great place to visit during your holidays. Vodice is a city in Croatia that welcomes a huge number of tourists and visitors each year. What makes Vodice a great vacation spot after all?

Found during the Ancient Roman times, the city evolved from being an important trade route to a famous tourist spot. While you visit the city of Croatia, there a number of places you can be that will make your trip a memorable one.

Since Vodice gets a lot of tourists during the holiday season, there is a huge variety of hotels and resorts to facilitate your stay. You can spend your visit in hotels, and if you’re a nature lover or want some adventure, you can even stay in a camp!

Some of the hotels are also located at Vodice’s most popular and beautiful beaches. You can choose from apartments, single rooms, camps, and 3 stars to 5-star hotels.

Vodice is also known for its exciting nightlife. What can be better than having nice parties and scenic beauty all in one place?

Vodice’s largest club, The Hacienda club, is an open-air club that is the most visited and popular club in Vodice. The club will let you dance off to your favourite songs in the fresh, open air of the beautiful city.

Some of the most prominent festivals including the Vodice Fest and CMC festival all take place during the summer time.

Vodice has warm summers and mild winters. However, if you're not too fond of the rain, then avoid visiting Vodice during the month of June. The winters in Vodice are mild and will not ruin your trip by forcing you to stay indoors.

One thing that makes Vodice so popular is its incredibly beautiful beaches. Hungar beach, Blue beach, and Lovetovo beach are some examples of some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Vodice.

With a variety of cafes, bars, and hotels on these beaches, your trip will surely be enriched. Cherry on the top, renting a boat in Vodice is also a great way of spending your vacations.


Boat Rental in Vodice


Vodice’s beaches may be packed with a variety of activities and attractions, but nothing is as thrilling and exciting as hiring a boat. Renting a boat in one of the beaches will be a great way to take a good look of the surrounding, while also having fun and quality time with your travel partners!

You can even interact with other tourists and visitors like you on board.

Boats of all kinds to accommodate groups of all sizes are easily available in Vodice. There are a number of boating agencies to facilitate you.

You can get a jet ski for individual experience, or get a houseboat, motorboat, and even a sailboat very easily. The choice of boat you make depends on what you want to do and how many are there to join you on the boat.

Most of the boating agencies offer great deals along with professional drivers. Some will also allow you to drive the boat if you show them a license or some sort of identity that proves your knowledge of driving boats.

There are a number of considerations to make before you rent a boat. Make sure the agency you’re booking with is reliable, has a professional driver and also try to make bookings earlier if possible.

Get a break from your reality and get on a rental boat on the most beautiful and awe-striking beaches of Vodice and appreciate nature like you never did before.

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