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Catamaran Rental Malta

Charter a catamaran in Malta with or without skipper

with SamBoat. Spend one week sailing around Malta with your catamaran and discover the beautiful coast. Malta is the perfect destination to sail and you'll have access to a wide inventory to hire a catamaran. Rent a catamaran for a day or a week in comfort with flexible cancellation.

Charter a catamaran in Malta

One of the most renowned destinations to sail on a catamaran is Malta. The island is made for sailing as the waters are calm and water activities are extremely popular. Once you arrive, you’ll immediately realize why Malta is continuously one of the top destinations in the world. The archipelago boats crystal clear water and warm temperatures making it the perfect place to set sail for your holidays. Gather your friends and family and go onboard a catamaran in Malta. 


How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Malta?


Depending on when you hire your catamaran in Malta, the prices will vary depending on the season. The Malta boat rental season follows the standard mediterranean season starting in April and running into mid October. If you plan on renting during the season, then you can expect to pay on average €5000 per week for a charter with some catamarans available for daily rentals starting at €450. If you do not meet the necessary qualifications to rent a bareboat catamaran, then you will have to add the extra costs of hiring a skipper. 


With the popularity of Malta as a whole, it is advised to book well in advance as most of the inventory is booked early on. 


Do you need a license to rent a catamaran in Malta?


Although a license is not specifically requested, we advise that you hold an ICC or other valid license as well as have an up to date nautical CV. The nautical CV works to show your previous sailing experience on board catamarans and the waters you’ve navigated. Since the catamarans are harder to maneuver, you will need to prove the correct skills and capabilities. 

Catamaran hire in Malta


Rich in history, Malta has been climbing the list as one of the top destinations globally to charter a catamaran. When you’re sailing along the coast, seeing the architecture and some of the oldest buildings in the world is quite a site. A popular activity that most people take part in is diving and snorkeling. The beauty of this is discovering the hidden caves and wrecks that showcase more the rich history of Malta. 

Malta is the perfect destination to go island hopping. The archipelago is made up of several islands that require plenty of time to discover. If you plan on chartering a sailboat in Malta, you will have plenty to do on your seven days sailing. With around 140km of coastline, you won’t be bored with the cliffs and endless scenic views.

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