Technical specifications - Key Largo 24

Construction site : Sessa Marine
Architect : Sessa marine
Boat type : Motor boat
The Key Largo 24 embodies versatility and robustness in the world of pleasure boats. With a length of 24 feet, this boat offers a spacious and stable platform, suitable for a diverse range of water activities. Its exterior design displays a sporty appearance, characterized by clean lines and aesthetic details. The generous cockpit offers well-appointed relaxation areas, comfortable seating and a practical layout, creating a welcoming environment for outings with family or friends. The Key Largo 24 is equipped with thoughtful features, with options for fishing, water sports and outdoor relaxation. The sturdy hull and reliable performance make this boat an ideal option for those seeking adventure on the water without compromising comfort. Whether you're cruising along the coast, fishing in varied waters or simply enjoying a day at sea, the Key Largo 24 offers a sturdy and versatile platform to suit a multitude of marine passions.

Photos of the boat


Key Largo 24 R
Key Largo 24 R1

Technical features


  • Length HT: 25ft (7.67m)
  • Max. width: 8ft (2.43m)
  • Weight: 2.08 tons
  • Draft: 3ft (0.85m)


  • Max. sleeping capacity: 2
  • Number of cabins: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Water capacity: 45L

Standard motorisation

  • Engine Power: 280hp
  • Fuel capacity: 270L