reviews (4)

  • Coralie
    18 August 2021

    Everything was perfect !!!

  • Brendan
    04 August 2019

    Great experience, everything we wanted in a boat rental

  • Matthias
    31 August 2018

    Our experience was 5 stars until the last 20 minutes of the trip. Alessandro was a great captain the entire day and showed us all the sights along the Amalfi Coast. When it was time to dock he requested that we pay him extra money to what was agreed and purposefully kept us at sea arguing with him until we finally threatened to call the police. This was a really bad way to end an amazing day. When I initially booked the boat I emailed Alessandro, asking him to take us out for the day instead of the night and he said it was no problem. Later he emailed me saying that there would be an additional cost of 400 euros at which I responded back with 200 euro and he agreed because of his incorrect advertisement. At the end of the day he demanded the 400 euro and wouldn't take us into port until we paid it. I tried to show him the conversation on my phone but he had no interest in discussing it. I'm not sure what was so confusing about this, it is very clearly communicated in our correspondence.

  • La
    03 August 2018

    Excellent experience!!! Alessandro is a gentle captain and always pleased to help. Snacks and drinks on the boat were delicious.