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Rent a Bavaria

Rent a Bavaria


Bavaria is a German brand of sailboats, motorboats, and pleasure yachts. The brand exports its boats all over the world and remain among the most prestigious models in the nautical world representing between 40% and 50% of the boating market.


Several reasons account for this kind of success. First off, the two shipyards Bavaria has (in Giebelstadt and Rochefort) are among the most modern in the yachting world. In one single shipyard, they produce more than a thousand motor and sailboats each year. Thanks to the modern technology incorporated, Bavaria continues to produce quality boats. Due to the high level of tech involved, Bavaria prides itself on its level of quality control and the standards are very high. For example, each boat that leaves the production line is launched in one of the many test tanks. Each integral part of the boat is tested to ensure top level quality.


The first Bavaria boat was built in the 1970's and since then, the brand has continued to expand its models and develop its products. In terms of its sailboats, Bavaria has created several lines, including its most famous, the "Cruiser Line." Cruiser Lines combine comfort and speed and will provide unique pleasure ranging from 34ft to 51ft.


For those who want to sail in style and bring great importance to comfort and luxury, then the Cruiser Style range is a great option. Currently composed of two boats, the Cruiser 46 Style and the Cruiser 51 Style, the line can be perfect for those who want to be noticed on the French Riviera during their rentals.


Another sailboat line is the Bavaria Vision Line, which are large boats, built and equipped for those who prefer longer stays at sea. If you plan on renting for more than a week, the Vision range will certainly suit your needs. Similar to the Cruiser Style range, there are currently two Bavaria Vision models, a 42ft and a 46ft. These models are breathtaking and will bring you the luxury and comfort you need for your longer sea trips.


Finally, the last member of the German group's sailboats is the Bavaria C line, bringing together a collection of masterpieces in both technical performance and design. By skilfully combining beauty and performance, Bavaria C's have a higher passenger capacity, with some models going up to 5 cabins. It also has a modular range that can be adapted to your needs. The "Holidays", "Ambition", and "Style" versions are 3 of the specific models included.


The brand expertise certainly does not stop there. The brand has developed 3 lines of motorboats. The R-Line model, with models ranging from 12.65m to 16.71m, Bavaria is taking a bold turn. The R-Lines respect the group's vision, which is to provide new sensations without putting luxury aside. The sporty look of the R model can be found both in aggressive lines and in the powerful engines that equip them. The R40 is available in FLY or Coupe models, but the R55 is only available in one model.

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