Rent a Quicksilver

Rent a Quicksilver

Rent a Quicksilver


Launched in the 1940's, Quicksilver is owned by the Brunswick Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of boat engines and recreational boats. More specifically, the Brunswick Marine subsidiary owns the brand and markets many other motor boat brands, such as Arvor, Valiant, and Black Fin.


As a member of the Brunswick group, this brand benefits from all of the expertise accumulated by the group. Moreover, architects, designers, and engineers are involved in the design and construction of any model. This allows Quicksilver to claim the best stability and width/length ratio in the recreational powerboat category. By having a collaboration with some of the most experienced people in the yachting world, Quicksilver is able to have a deep-V shaped hull. This new innovation makes it easier to cross wave barriers in a stable and safe way.


The brand offers a 2 year warranty for each of its models ensuring that customers will always have quality in their boats. Along with this warranty, Quicksilver has a network of dealers around the world that allow owners to carry out their maintenance at a lower cost.


A new modern, production line allows Quicksilver to adapt to each customer requirement. At their production facility, the brand has developed an online configuration with the ability to customise each boat. On their website, each customer and customize a boat to meet all their requirements. For example, you can choose an initial model and then choose the on-board equipment in detail. If you want a powerful engine or hydraulic steering, you'll have the opportunity to build the boat that suits your personal sailing style. Due to this, each Quicksilver boat that is produced is unique and we suggesting looking into the details of each boat before renting.


Quicksilver offers several different models: Sundeck, Central Consoles and the Bowrider. Within the Sundeck range, there are five different models. With a sportier design, the Activ 605 Sundeck can accommodate up to 7 people and offers a safer level of navigation. The Sundeck 675 Asset offers a more developed performance, along with a more spacious and comfortable interior. The Activ 755 Sundeck is perfect for longer cruising holidays with its length of 7 meters. The Sundeck Activ 805 perfectly combines comfort and performance, accommodating up to 9 passengers. Lastly, the Activ 875 Sundeck has the largest sunbathing area in its range, accommodating up to 12 people.


In the Central Console range, there are six different types of models. The 4.5m long Activ 455 Open is modern in design and can accommodate up to 5 people. The Activ 505 Open is more sporty and has a more spacious interior. The Activ 555 open has many features including the modular front bench seat, reclining rear seat back, console with storage and two color GPS, numerous storage spaces, an integrated anchor locker and a maximum horsepower of 115. With a capacity of up to 7 passengers, the Activ 605 Open is also perfect for a relaxing cruise with up to 150hp. The more dynamic and quiet Activ 675 Open reaches up to 225hp. This motor boat has a front that can be converted into a sunbathing area, high clear edges ideal for family safety and a tinted windscreen. The 7m long Activ 755 Open is more developed in terms of performance and handling. For fishing, five models are available. The more practical, 555 Pilothouse is ideal for both beginners and experienced fishermen. With 105hp and a larger cockpit, the 605 is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. The 675 Pilothouse was not only designed for fishing, but also for relaxation with a comfortable cockpit and an intelligent design. The boat reaches a maximum power of 225hp. The 755 Pilothouse has a notch above it in terms of comfort. Last in the line is the 905 Pilothouse accommodating up to 10 people and combines both fishing and cruising. This boat has an exceptional horsepower of up to 500.


In the BowRider range, we have 3 different models. The Activ 675 BowRider has a beautiful space with a functional cabin and a deck that can be converted into a sunbathing area. If you're looking for a sportier model with more space, the Activ 755 BowRider is the perfect model. It has an engine ranging from 150hp to 300hp. Regardless of the model, most of them allow you to participate in nautical activities and cruises.

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