You will never have to worry about your boat again.

Samconnect is the connected box that allows you to track your boat in real time from your smartphone.


Protect your boat.

Samconnect takes care of everything for you. Presence of water in the wedge, battery voltage, intrusion on your pontoon: you are immediately notified.


Make your rentals easier.

You know in real time the location, speed and impacts suffered by your boat. Your renters can send SOS thanks to Samconnect


Anticipate maintenance.

Engine hours, temperature voltage histories, work monitoring: Samconnect helps you maintain your boat efficiently

How does it work?


The connected box sends in real time everything it records on your boat


This information is easily found in an intuitive application

Your boat in your pocket

Geolocation & speed

Receive the boat's precise GPS geolocation, travel history and speeds detected during the trip.

Shock alarm

Detect shocks with an advanced algorithm. Be alerted for every heel or pontoon impact.

Heel sensor

Be warned when someone enters the boat with the heel sensor.

Remote signal relay

Define the triggers that you can activate or deactivate via your smartphone.

Alert zone

Define danger zones in the application: as soon as your boat enters one of the zones, you will be notified.

Battery history

Allows the complete monitoring and history of battery voltages. Receive a notification before you run out of power.

Engine block temperature

By installing the SamConnect in the engine block, you will be able to monitor the temperature during navigation.

SOS message

Alert the fleet manager or your dealer as soon as there is a problem on your boat.

Simplified maintenance

Exchange maintenance information about your boat directly on the application and keep your maintenance history.

Easily installed, quickly amortized

1.Install Samconnect

Installation by one of our boat-captains* or the service provider of your choice.

2. Download the app

There it is, your boat is in your pocket!

*If the Boat captain trained in the installation & present in the sector
675 €
+ 15€ per month
Installation not included (From 70€, free quote available)

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