5 best anchorages in Croatia

By Kanika from SamBoat - January 5, 2022

Croatia and the Adriatic Sea have been a paradise for sailors for years. With more than a thousand islands, islets and reefs, a boat rental in Croatia is a unique experience for all types of sailors and their boats. Certain places in Croatia hide secrets that are worth discovering while sailing.

This article brings you the most fascinating and unique anchorages in Croatia, where you can safely spend a whole day or several nights.

Uvala Tunarica, Istria County

Uvala Tunarica is a small cove east of the famous inlet Zaljev Rasa in Istria County. It is a peaceful place surrounded by greenery and tranquillity, an ideal place to have a walk and discover the surroundings. We recommend anchoring at the northern edge, where you will find an excellent anchorage. Another good idea, if there is space, would be to anchor at the jetty where the depth is 2m to 2,3m.

Seabed type: Sandy

Grip level: Good

Depth: 3m – 10m

Uvala Krusija, Kvarner Gulf

Plavnik is an uninhabited island between the islands of Krk and Cres. This island is rich in flora, fauna and has plenty of caves that can be reached by boat and are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Our tip: anchor your boat in Uvala Krusija, a small bay in the south of the island of Plavnik. This is a good place to spend a day swimming and discovering the beach, sheltered from the north and east winds. 

Seabed type: Sandy

Grip level: Good 

Depth: 5m – 10m

Veli Rat, Northern Dalmatia

Dugi otok is the largest of the islands of Northern Dalmatia, has several beaches and caves with incredible views. The northern part is the most interesting for its diversity and contrasting landscapes. The best place to anchor your boat is in Veli Rat, situated in the bay of Čuna. The best location for sailors who want tranquillity and privacy. According to several sailors, it is a wind-protected area and is ideal for spending a few nights.

Seabed type: Sandy and mud

Grip level: Excellent 

Depth: 5m

Luka Tiha, Central Dalmatia

Hvar is one of the most popular islands in Croatia, annually visited by tourists and sailors seeking adventure. This island has an excellent climate all year round, with warm temperatures in summers and mild temperatures in winters. It is recommended to anchor your boat in Luka Tiha. A small cove in the northern part of the island is perfectly protected from the easterly winds and is ideal for anchoring day and night. Nearby you will find some restaurants with traditional food.

Seabed type: Sandy 

Grip level: Excellent

Depth: 5-10m

Okuklje, Southern Dalmatia 

Okuklje is a coastal village in a small bay on the north coast of Mljet island. Surrounded by hills that are excellent for hiking, and its sea is perfect for swimming. Okuklje is a popular destination for sailors with 360-degree protection, a safe haven for anchoring boats. We recommend you visit the local restaurants and shops, as the locals are friendly.

Seabed type: Sandy and seaweed

Grip level: Excellent

Depth: 10m

If you still don’t know which places to visit, we highly recommend you to check out the itineraries for Crotatina that we have prepared for you. We guarantee that you won’t regret sailing in the Adriatic Sea!

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