37th America’s Cup 2024 in Barcelona: The Much-Awaited Sailing Event is here!

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 17, 2024

The America’s Cup is often referred to as one of the oldest and hardest sporting endeavours in the world. Often dubbed as “Formula 1 of the Seas” the sporting event dates back to 1851. The 37th edition is being held in Barcelona, with the Preliminary Regattas (races) taking place in August. Known for its rich maritime heritage and bustling cultural scene, Barcelona promises to elevate the excitement and grandeur of the America’s Cup to new heights.

Read further to learn more about the captivating history of the America’s Cup and find out how you can immerse yourself in the event with SamBoat. Whether you’re a seasoned sailing enthusiast, a sports fan, or simply someone looking for an extraordinary experience, the America’s Cup in Barcelona is an event you won’t want to miss!  And with SamBoat, you can catch the race from the best possible vantage point – on the water. Book your boat now!

Legacy of the America’s Cup

Named after the Schooner America, which won the inaugural race around the Isle of Wight, this competition has evolved into a symbol of excellence, innovation, and intense rivalry in the sailing world.  Over the years, the Cup has seen dramatic contests, ground-breaking technological advancements, and a fervent fan base that spans the globe. 

The current holder of the cup is Emirates Team New Zealand, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. This year, five teams will compete to challenge Emirates, but only one will go against the reigning champions. 

The first team to enter the race, known as the “Challenger of Record,” is Ineos Britannia from the United Kingdom. They will be in charge of the Selection Series, which includes four other teams. Challengers include Alinghi Red Bull Racing from Switzerland, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli from Italy, American Magic from New York and K-Challenge from France.

How can You Experience the America’s Cup with SamBoat 

One of the unique aspects of the America’s Cup in Barcelona is the opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with the action. There are several ways to immerse yourself in the event, each offering a unique perspective on this spectacular competition. However, we suggest you get the best view by being on the same water as the racers! We have also compiled some practical information for you to ensure you have a seamless experience. 

Following the Competition on Boats

Imagine watching the races from the deck of a boat, feeling the spray of the sea and the thrill of the chase as the competitors speed by. With SamBoat, you can rent a boat in Barcelona, and experience the America’s Cup from the best seat in the house. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you want to enjoy the stability of a sailboat or the speed of a motorboat, we have got you covered. Book instantly or if you like more information, speak to one of our expert team membersKindly note that it is mandatory for the owner to  register the boat with the American cup official website. So when you book with us, we highly recommend that you either inform us or the owner of the boat. 

Event Calendar for America’s Cup 2024

To make the most of your America’s Cup experience, it’s essential to stay informed about the event schedule. So we have produced a brief calendar of key dates for the America’s Cup 2024 in Barcelona:

  • 22-25th August 2024: Barcelona Preliminary Regatta – The excitement begins with a series of preliminary races, setting the stage for the main event.
  • 29 Aug- 7th Oct 2024: Louis Vuitton Cup Selection Series – Teams compete to become the official challenger for the America’s Cup.
  • 17-26 September 2024: Unicredit Youth America’s Cup –  Young talents engage in sailing  competition and showcase their talents .
  • 5-13 October 2024:  PUIG Women’s America’s Cup – A one of a kind competition, this will be the first time women will compete in the America’s cup!

Mark these dates on your calendar and prepare for a month of exhilarating sailing action.

Venue’s of America’s Cup

The team bases are located within Port Vell, where the America’s Cup village will be situated as well. This village will stretch along Moll de la Fusta. The village is set to see tens of thousands spectators daily.  The historic port has various marinas and restaurants around the venue. The iconic sail-shaped W hotel is also located close by. We also suggest visiting the Maritime Museum for those who are interested in marine heritage. The museum is a 12 min walk from the port. 

The Boats of the America’s Cup 

The boats used in the America’s Cup are marvels of modern engineering, designed for maximum speed and agility. In August 2012, Emirates Team New Zealand revolutionized yacht racing with a 72-foot foiling catamaran in the Hauraki Gulf. By 2018, the introduction of the AC75 Class Rule marked a new era in sailing. The 2021 America’s Cup showcased the AC75’s unique capabilities, captivating millions. 

For the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona, the AC75 rule was retained with enhancements for faster flight and upgraded technology. For both the UniCredit Youth & Puig Women’s America’s Cup, racing will be conducted in the America’s Cup teams’ AC40s.

How is this edition different from the others

First and foremost,Barcelona will become the first venue in the world to host both the Olympic games and America’s cup. Known as the tech and digital capital , the city also becomes a perfect fit for such an innovative event. This also the first time that the event is not taking place in defender’s home waters.

This edition features the Youth America’s Cup and the inaugural Women’s America’s Cup, promoting inclusivity and providing a platform for young and female sailors to compete at a high level. These events will use the AC40, a smaller, one-design foiling monohull, emphasizing skill and teamwork​

Teams now extensively use artificial intelligence and simulation technologies to optimize boat performance, a shift from traditional on-water testing​. The teams are also introducing hydrogen-powered support vessels. This is in inline with their emphasis on sustainability. 

Prepare to be part of history and witness the magic of the America’s Cup in Barcelona. Book your boat with SamBoat today and get ready for an unforgettable journey.

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