5 reasons why choose Samboat for boat rental service

By Kanika from SamBoat - August 9, 2021

Samboat introduction

Samboat is the leading boat marketplace in France founded in 2014 by Nicolas and Laurent, two passionate men about boating with professional business background. Samboat has been gaining high reviews and approvements from its users ever since. It’s the most fast-growing digital boat charter platform in France as it provides great quality of services as well as conveniences for its users including both of boat owners and renters.

Here are 5 reasons for choosing Samboat for your boat rental needs.

  • Saving money

With the goal of popularizing boating by connecting owners and renters in complete confidence, Samboat is the perfect choice for you to charter a boat with the best price. Samboat allows boat renters to contact the owners directly, which largely lows down the rental price without the need of paying for any middleman. Boat owners using Samboat often will put the price so acceptable that the renters can spend less money on boat rental than they expected. On average you will save 30-50% of your rental expenses.

  • Secured payment

Samboat provides both of the owners and renters highly secured insurance options.

As a renter, if you are renting a catamaran or a yacht for a week or 2 and you are worried about any unexpected accident. With Samboat, you do not need to worry, we offer you a choice of Damage Waiver as for the insurance which allows you to refund the amount debited from the deposit following an accident with a guaranteed amount of 5,000€, Starting from 30€. It is the most affordable insurance on the market. Coverage in Europe and Overseas France. Full coverage (base engine, propeller, etc.).

You also have another type of insurance for cancellations. This insurance refunds you the amount paid for your reservation if you have to cancel your rental. This insurance must be taken out at the time of payment of the reservation. Reasons covered: Illness, accident, job dismissal, inability to get to the place of stay, theft of your documents, reschedule of holidays, natural disaster, attack, riot as well as in case of interruption of the stay. It seems a good choice under the global pandemic affections.

For more detailed insurance information, check here

  • Convenience

Using Samboat to complete your boat charter will save lots of your energies because Samboat aims to provide maxim convenience for its users for boat rental service. Samboat works as a bridge between renters and owners, direct and transparent communications are provided. Samboat is a digital boat rental platform so that users can meet their boat rentals needs online within a few clicks. Samboat can help boat owners simulate their boat rental expense to ensure that they can set up a good price.

For more information, please check here

  • Various boat choices

With Samboat, you get as many choices as you can. There are more than 40,000 boats available at your service. No matter for boats, or for boating destinations. Samboat can meet all your boating needs as it provides full choices of boat types including motorboat, catamaran, semi-rigid, yacht, sailboat, jet ski and canal boat. No matter you are going on a catamaran with your friends or family, or going on an exciting jet ski, Samboat is the one you should choose.

Samboat is so international that you can find its service in most of the popular sailing destinations around the world.  Wanna go visit the islands between blue and white in Greece? Interested in discovering the charming French cities in Cote d’Azur? And even more places, Samboat has covered its service in more than 10 Top sailing destination in the world. With Samboat, you can sail anywhere.

  • Responsible team

Samboat could develop its business and gain more and more approvements from its users so fast in recent years thanks to Samboat has gathered a responsible team. A group of talented professionals with great teamworking spirits, sense of responsibilities and full-heart cares to each other have guaranteed you the best service you can get for boat charter. We are responsive for any of your questions. We are ready to solve your problem anytime you need. We care about our users. Samboat is always there for you.

Wanna have great experiences of sailing? Samboat is the one!

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