8 tips for preventing seasickness on the boat

By Kanika Dabra - May 22, 2020

Are you going to set sail soon on a sailboat but you are afraid of getting seasick and don’t know how you can preventing seasickness?

Seasickness is considered as a real illness. Its frequency fluctuates according to various criteria, such as sailing time, the state of the sea, weather and the condition of the boat. However, this motion sickness is not subject to any rules; from the professional sailor to the average boaters, it affects everyone. Fortunately, this article will give you 8 tips on preventing seasickness.

What is seasickness?

Sea sickness has complex causes and is caused by a difference between what the eye sees and what the body feels. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this inconvenience can be quickly resolved (48 hours), as your body becomes more or less quickly absorbed.

The signs of seasickness are varied, depending on your body shape and tolerance. The first signs are loss of balance, dizziness, nausea or vomiting when you are facing many stimulations while you are sailing. In order to not ruin your holiday completely it’s very important to know a few tricks on preventing seasickness.

The sailor’s law: The law of four

As every sailor knows, the first thing to do is to identify the four main factors that cause seasickness: Fatigue, Cold, Hunger and Fear. First of all, the rules that must be properly applied: Sleep well, dress well, eat a balanced and light diet, relax and take good care of yourself.

1 – Take deep breaths

Lie in the center of the boat, on your back. Then place your hand on your upper chest and your other hand on your belly, above your waist. Breathe in gently through your nose and out slowly through your mouth to avoid over-ventilation.

2 – Focus on the center of the boat

Try to choose the centre of the boat in case you feel seasick, as this is where stability is at its best. This technique will allow you to feel less of the waves and moves during your journey.

3 – Fixing the horizon

To try preventing your seasickness, fixing the horizon may be a good idea. In addition to minimizing nausea (and even making it go away), this will help you focus your mind.

4 – Keep your calmness and your good humour

The problem is already there, getting angry won’t make things better, quite the contrary. Indeed, anxiety and irritation encourage seasickness and are likely to lead to anxiety attacks. Breathe softly and keep your positivity in all situations!

5 – Choose a light diet

Adopting a light diet is essential before going out to sea. You should prefer a low-fat meal, which will make your digestion much easier. On the other hand, the feeling of hunger makes things even worse, so do not arrive on an empty stomach. Finding a balance in what you eat and how much is key!

6 – Sailing with no alcohol or smoking

If you get motion sickness, don’t add an extra punishment. We strongly advise you to avoid the consumption of alcohol and/or cigarettes, which can affect your body, which is already under great stress.

7 – To rest

Much more than a trick, this is mandatory for sailing. The fatigue strongly aggravates seasickness, it is necessary to rest before and during your sailing trip. Regular naps will calm you down and help to reduce this unpleasant feeling.

8 – Cover yourself

What’s better than a good fleece to warm the body and mind? The sensation of cold strongly increases the symptoms of seasickness, so covering yourself properly (neither too much nor too little) is essential.

All in all, If you are in good physical shape, well covered,have enough rest and in a good mood you will reduce the risk of getting seasick.

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