Baby on a boat: 5 pieces of advice for an amazing boat journey

By Kanika Dabra - March 6, 2020

Going on a summer holiday is one of the best parts of the year that everybody is waiting for. When you are going on a holiday with a baby, it requires more time to plan a perfect holiday.

Even though taking a baby on a boat comes with some challenges, with just a few adjustments, it can be a memorable experience for the whole family.  If you are planning on renting a boat this summer, here is some of our advice on how to make your boat trip unforgettable with a baby.

Can you take baby on a boat?

One of the main questions most people have is whether babies are allowed on boats. Or can they take a baby on the boat? The short answer is yes. With some extra safety measures, there is nothing that can hold you back to enjoy your holiday on a boat with a baby.

Most importantly to make sure that your baby is ready to go on a boat is to check the size requirements for the baby life jackets. You should avoid taking your baby if they don’t reach the minimum size requirement necessary for the life jacket. So what age a baby can go on a boat is different for everyone. Moreover, if it’s your first time to go on a boat trip with a baby, it’s advised to try a shorter trip first, rather than going for a whole week. Otherwise, there is no need to worry about renting a boat this summer!

What do you need to take with you?

There are some essentials that you must prepare to take with you on your boat trip. Firstly, ensure there is a life jacket that your baby can safely wear on the boat. Make sure you pack enough sunscreen, hats and sunglasses and any other sun protection for your baby to protect from sun damage.

Make certain you have enough change of clothes in case they get wet or they need more layers in the wind. Furthermore, pack enough toys and entertainment that they can play with on the deck. And some inflatables for some fun activity in the water. Lastly, if your boat trip is longer than a few hours pack some snacks and prepare for daytime naps on the boat.

Safety tips

It is essential to implement some safety measures during your cruise. If the life jacket is secure, make sure that you don’t leave them in the pushchair. It is safe until the boat is stable, but as the boat starts to move it can start rolling. It’s better to hold your baby in your hands or in a place that is secure.

Make sure that somebody is always watching. It sounds obvious, but it is the most important safety tip. Even if you have some previous experience, it might be a more comfortable solution to rent a boat with a skipper. In that case, you can just relax and there will be always somebody watching the baby. Moreover, they can show you secret places in the local area.

Finally, ensure that there will be some shade on the boat or if not, prepare to create. Babies’ skin are more sensitive to sunlight so you need to protect that.

What is the best boat for families?

The selection of boats can be overwhelming to choose from if it’s your first time renting a boat, especially with a baby. Our recommendation is to rent a catamaran at your chosen destination. Catamarans are the best option to rent with a family as they have many advantages.

They have more stability and have a bigger space which is very beneficial with kids on board. You will even have space to set up a protected playing station for them safely. Also on a catamaran you will have the opportunity to comfortably do naptime and put your baby in the shade. Lastly, due to its bigger space, it is a safer option for a family. You don’t need to worry about narrow spaces. Therefore, a catamaran includes all the safety measures that is needed for a perfect holiday with a baby!

Holiday destinations

If you still haven’t decided on the exact destination here are some of the top sailing destinations for this summer. You can rent a boat to discover the hidden beaches, explore the historic sites and enjoy the peaceful towns in the area with your whole family.

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