Best destinations to rent a canal boat

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 24, 2022

Take a break from the ocean life and rent a canal boat on some of the world’s most picturesque waterways. Scape from your hectic life and bask in the sun on a canal getaway. Choose from one of the top destinations below to start your holiday. 

A canal cruise is all about relaxation as the canal boat slowly glides by. It’s a perfect opportunity to recharge your energy. You don’t need a licence to charter a canal boat, we have got you covered here at SamBoat. Relax, sit back on the narrowboat and enjoy it all.


Be the captain of your next holiday and rent a canal boat in Amsterdam. Discover the canals, the houses and the bridges in this major European cultural hub. Choose from over 160 canals, 100km of waterways to explore and enjoy your boating holiday. The best seasons to visit and rent a boat in Amsterdam are spring and summer. The weather from April to September is ideal for enjoying a boat trip on the canals. 


Charter a canal boat in the heart of Ireland, the midlands, in Carrick-on-Shannon. Explore over 350km of waterways and discover the lesser spotted emerald isle. Dock in any of the 30 villages and towns along this river and experience the food, green landscapes and folklore. 


Rent a narrowboat in Venice, a UNESCO Heritage site. Explore the lagoon and canals which connect to the Adriatic Sea. If you would like to discover heritage and history, great art and the picturesque islands of the lagoon, then discover Venice with us. Anchor your boat to explore this iconic city and its main tourist attractions.


The southeast of England, a hidden gem of waterways is perfect for a quiet, relaxing trip. As you gaze at magnificent Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace or the Bridge of Sighs in Oxford, you feel transported back in time. If you need some fun, stop at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, to build memories with your family.

Canal du Midi

Enjoy a trip on one of the world’s most famous canals, Canal du Midi. This 17th-century construction is one of the great constructions of our era is a gift that keeps on giving. Passing through historic water locks you will discover charming medieval villages and ancient fortress cities. Rent a boat in Canal du Midi and travel from Toulouse to the golden sands of the Mediterranean Sea. Along your way, enjoy wine tasting, hiking, cycling or sightseeing.

Escaping on a canal boat in 2022 could not be easier. Choose from one of our amazing destinations and enrich yourself. Charting a canal boat, whether it’s in the quiet surroundings of Ireland or the hustle and bustle of Venice, SamBoat has the perfect solution for you.

If you are looking for a longer sailing holiday, we suggest you check out our sailing itinerary in the Caribbean. Enjoy the iconic Caribbean weather and its exotic landscapes.

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