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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Canal du Midi, France


The Canal du Midi is a key destination for rediscovering France from the inside. It is possible to rent a Canal boat without a licence to cruise peacefully. From Toulouse to Sète, the canal is the best way to discover exceptional villages in Languedoc-Roussillon: Bram, Négra, Villepinte, Carcassonne, Homps, Narbonne, Colombiers Trèbes, Bèziers, sète. With its many locks, the canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a day or a week, you can be sure to enjoy a river cruise in complete peace of mind. The speed on the canal cannot exceed 12 km/hour, which allows safe navigation and easy passage through the locks. SamBoat's professional partners will provide you with training to operate its boats. 


Enjoy a sunny cruise from the many bases along the Canal du midi. Linking the Garonne to the Mediterranean, this canal, with more than 241 kilometres of waterways, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


A true invitation to a journey through history, most of the double locks you will encounter during your river navigation date back to the 17th century. 


Rent a canal boat on the Canal du Midi


For the rental of a narrowboats on the Canal du Midi, it will cost on average 170€ per day. Your river cruise can of course last only one day or several days to discover this historic canal. 



Price and information to rent a narrowboat in Canal du midi


Renting a canal boat is no doubt a perfect way to enjoy your holidays by navigating in Canal du midi. Samboat provides you with all types of boat rental service in Canal du midi with the best price. The canal boat rental cost changes often depending on peak season or off season. Peak season in Canal du midi is generally summer, which runs from June to August. If you rent a canal boat in Canal du midi during peak season, the boat rental costs usually costs 250 euros a day. The low season is winter, which runs from September to April. Renting a narrowboat in low tourist season in Canal du midi costs normally 200 euros a day on average.



Do you need a license?


It is not necessary to have a permit to rent a canal boat along the Canal du midi. In the event that a narrowboat does require a licence but you do not have one, it is not necessary to say goodbye to your cruise in the south of France. Indeed, some professionals and individuals offer you the boat licence for your cruise. 



Must see sites on the Canal du Midi


The Canal du midi has many tourist attractions to see during a river cruise. 

  • The Port of Somail, the historic hamlet that was an important stopover

  • The 9 locks of Fonsérannes
  • The city of Minerva, a Cathar medieval city
  • The city of Castelnaudary, famous for its famous cassoulet
  • The city of Carcassone, a medieval city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997
  • The city of Capestang and its famous castle and its old village
  • Narbonne 
  • The ancient city of Agde


Idyllic landscapes, gastronomic treasures, architectural wonders and historic sites await you throughout your cruise on the Canal du Midi. 


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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 99514 reviews