Athens dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - May 25, 2022

When you think about Greece, what comes to mind? Is it the crystal clear sea and its whitewashed villages along its ravishing coastlines? Or maybe you think of its incredible history, mythology and the remaining historical sites. Either way, Greece is simply beautiful. On an Athens dayboat route, you’ll get to explore some gorgeous islands and relax on isolated beaches. Renting a boat in Athens is by far the best way to visit the area. With more flexibility, you’ll be fortunate enough to go island hopping and have the opportunity to enjoy less populated shores.

On this Athens dayboat route, we take you island hopping on nearby islands such as Poros, Methana and Aegina. Before leaving, make sure you have everything you need for a full-day excursion, especially sunscreen and water!

1) Athens Poros

25 nautical miles, 1.5 hours of navigation

Navigating towards the south, you will find the small island of Poros. Very picturesque, Poros offers quite a sightseeing experience. There, you’ll have the chance to visit some historical sites such as the Temple of Poseidon in the centre of the island or other remains like the Russian Dockyard. Some other interesting spots include the clock tower which provides a stunning view of the area. When you anchor in Poros, go for a snorkelling session and relax on the beach before visiting.

2) Poros Methana

3,5 nautical miles, 14 minutes of navigation

Methana is quite a large island, actually, it’s more of a peninsula as it is slightly attached to the mainland. Navigating along its shores you’ll be able to visit caves, small chapels and port villages. We recommend anchoring at Methana town which has some amazing views and stunning beaches. It is located in the southeastern part of the island. Take your time to enjoy the good weather and bathe in the beautiful sea. If you’re feeling energetic, there is a volcano you can hike to in the centre of the island!

3) Methana Aegina

12 nautical miles, 48 minutes of navigation

Aegina is the closest island to the city and will be your last stop on your Athens dayboat route. You can start by visiting the small islet of Moni on the southwestern side. There, you can take your time by relaxing under the warm sun and bathing in turquoise water,  you might also be able to spot some animals like Kri-Kri goats and deers. You can then navigate north before anchoring near the Agia Marina on the northeastern side of the island. One of Aegina’s main attractions is its archaeological sites such as the ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia.

4) Aegina back to Athens

12 nautical miles, 48 minutes of navigation

Make sure to leave Aegina island with enough time to reach Athens before the sunset on your way back. It will be about 12 nautical miles from Agia Marina. If there is still some sunlight on your arrival back in the port, you can take this remaining time to visit some historical sites of the big city such as the ancient Agora after the checkout. If you prefer, you can also have a more relaxing evening by dining at a local restaurant in front of the Aegean sea.

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