What to bring on a Boat Party ?

By Kanika Dabra - October 24, 2018

Are you too excited for the upcoming boat party that you can’t decide what to bring on a boat party and what not to?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Packing for a boat party needs to be kept as simple as possible.

You don’t want to carry loads of clothing and accessories that you won’t even be using. Here are some things to bring to a boat party.

Skincare/beauty products come first!

With all the heat and humidity, getting a sunburn is pretty inevitable. But you can definitely minimize the impact by taking a few precautionary measures.

Do not forget your sunscreen! An oil-based sunscreen with 30-40 SPF will be sufficient for protecting you from getting a sunburn. Sunscreens also protect your skin from UV rays that can cause long-term damage to your skin as well.

Do not go crazy with your beauty/makeup products. You will hardly have any time to use all of them, and with the humidity and all the post-partying sweat, your makeup might not last that long. Pack your favourite lipstick, your favourite foundation, and a compact. Don’t go for heavy or expensive products that might even get damaged or lost!

A lip balm with an acceptable SPF rating is also a must. Protect your lips from the heat and condition them while you’re at it. As a precaution, you can apply aloe vera on your skin once you are back to treat any damages.

Can’t decide on your wardrobe? No worries!

Get comfortable! Don’t wear anything too formal that you end up in a corner unable to enjoy the craziness going on the cruise because of your outfit. Keep it simple and casual. Pack baggy t-shirts or even tank tops to enjoy to the fullest. Do not wear any skin-tight bottoms; there is a lot of falling here and there on the boat! Trousers or shorts would do.

Do not wear whites; it will be a big mistake! You don’t want to spill your drinks on your favourite white skirt or shirt. Avoid wearing white at all costs and be careful around people in white clothes!

Heels may seem like a good idea at first, but you will surely regret the decision at one point. As classy as they may look, it will become ten times harder to balance yourself on a boat. Again, keep it simple.

And don’t forget your sunglasses and of course, a hat that stays put even with the sea breezes.

Are you looking forward to a swim?

Whether you’re taking a pair of shorts or a complete swimsuit, don’t take just one piece. Take at least two swimsuits with you. The humid climate does not allow clothes to dry up fast, and it can be pretty annoying to slip on a wet swimsuit.

Tip: Take with you plenty of dry bags in which you can gather all your wet clothing!

Motion sickness might kill the vibe!

If you are aware of your motion sickness and worried that it would ruin your party, buy motion sickness elastic bands.

They work by putting pressure on your pressure points around your wrists and helps to decrease the sickness.

There is nothing to worry about!

You can also pack some pills to help you fight sea sickness during your boat party.

Last but not least, a first aid kit.

Boat parties are all about fun and craziness. But having fun with responsibility is equally important.

Keeping a first aid kit with you will help you take care of any accidents or mishaps that are expected to happen on occasions like these.

You should always stay prepared.

You can simply make your own first aid box includes bandages, tweezers, cotton, medical tape, and wipes.


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