Crete dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - August 9, 2022

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. According to records, it has continuously been inhabited for more than 130,000 years, and is also the home of Europe’s first advanced civilization, the Minoan civilization. However, history is not all that is on offer here, as the island boasts of several spots with crystal clear waters and loads of other adventures worth exploring. With a boat rental Crete, set off on a Crete dayboat route and discover some of the marvels on offer in the Northern part of this island.

Kissamos Gramvousa

15 nautical miles, 1 hour of navigation

Begin the Crete boat rental in the Northwestern part of the island. Set sail from Kissamos, and make a stop at Gramvousa beach. The main attraction here is the Dimitrios P, a 146 metre long cargo ship that has been lying abandoned since 1968. The cargo ship, laden with cement and headed to North Africa in January 1968, ran aground owing to poor weather conditions and despite multiple attempts at recovery, sank at this beach in Crete. 

In addition to this attraction, the turquoise blue waters are excellent for snorkelling, and with some time, a climb up the ruins of a Venetian fortress make for sweeping views of this coast. It is possible to see all of this with a yacht charter Crete.

Gramvousa Balos

2.5 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Balos Beach can easily be accessed from Gramvousa, and this lagoon offers clear, shallow waters that make it an excellent swimming spot. Tigani island is a picturesque backdrop to this beach, and the Venetian ruins can also be accessed from here.  

Balos Menies 

19.3 nautical miles, 1 hour 10 minutes of navigation

Head on over to Menies, a fantastic place to simply unwind. It is miles away from the nearest inhabited town, and offers a feeling of total seclusion. The clear waters here are perfect for a swim and are guaranteed to offer an afternoon of seemingly endless joy. However, owing to the secluded nature of this beach, there are no facilities to wine and dine, and it would therefore be necessary to have your own food and drinks on board. 

Menies Kissamos 

16.1 nautical miles, 1 hour 4 minutes of navigation 

End this yacht charter in Greece by heading back to Kissamos, also known as Kastelli, where there are plenty of activities on offer. With a mix of Venetian and Cretan influences, the town is a perfect mix of marvellous beaches and a rich cultural heritage. 

A must-see beach in Kissamos is Mavros Molos, perfect for a lazy lounge with its shallow waters and fine sands . This beach is also lined with cosy restaurants and taverns, and therefore makes an excellent stop for a hearty meal. Further into the town is an Archaeological Museum recording the town’s history and with an extensive collection of artefacts from the region. 

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