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Overview of Caribbean


There is something remarkable about the Caribbean. The people are very friendly, the cuisines are unique and amazing, and there is so much to see and do that a one-time vacation to the Caribbean isn’t enough. Interestingly, there seems to be a fixed pattern that most visitors follow. They meticulously plan the vacation; they select the best islands to visit, book flight tickets and accommodation, and rent a boat to explore the Caribbean. 


The best way to explore the Caribbean is to charter a yacht and see the numerous islands in the area. 


Sailing in the Caribbean


Several decades ago, it was difficult to reach the Caribbean. The cost of travel, accommodation, and rental made the Caribbean the exclusive tourist destination of the rich and famous, but now it is more accessible to the wider population. 


Millions of tourists from all around the world visit the Caribbean every year. When chartering a yacht in the Caribbean, you’ll be able to prepare your itinerary from scratch. The waters of the Caribbean are suitable for all levels of sailors, but you can also charter a yacht with crew and skipper. This means that you’ll be able to relax completely knowing a licensed skipper is taking you to the hidden gems placed all around the area. 


If you prefer to be your own captain, charter a yacht as a bareboat and sail at your own pace. You choose the itinerary for the entire week and sail wherever you’d like with your private yacht charter Carribean. 


When to Visit the Caribbean?


Winter, as we know it, is absent in the Caribbean. Instead, the months from December to April – the winter months – are mostly dry, sunny, and devoid of moisture. The Caribbean islands enjoy a tropical climate, where the summer and autumn are hot, wet, and sticky due to high humidity. 


Precipitation is high in summer and autumn; short showers and occasional thunderstorms are common from June to November. The islands situated in the Atlantic have to bear the brunt of the Atlantic, with high probability of rain and thunderstorm makes June to November the least favorite months for visiting the Caribbean. 


Weather-wise the best period to visit the Caribbean is from December to April. The peak season also coincides with Christmas, New Year, and Easter holidays in most of the world making it an ideal destination. Sailors and tourists who want to visit the islands should start looking at dates starting in December into April. These months provide the best sailing conditions and will provide the best experience. The second half of August is also known for sparse tourist crowd, but keep in mind the constant threat of rain. 


How to Reach the Caribbean?


The region’s colonial past and proximity to the United States plays a major role in air connectivity. All major cities of Europe and the United States have direct flights to large Caribbean islands. There are some flights from Canada, and Central and South America. There are only a few direct flights from Asian countries (example: from China), so tourists from Asia and Africa usually fly to America or Europe to reach the Caribbean.


Things to Do in the Caribbean


There are hundreds of islands; each wonders par excellence, waiting for the tourists. The Caribbean islands are undoubtedly famous for the beaches and the long periods of sun. The extensive archipelago can be divided into several groups. Rent a catamaran in one of the Caribbean islands like the BVI, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Martinique or even Cuba.  With so many islands to explore, island hopping becomes the favorite pastime of many sailors. Select the islands you want to visit and charter a yacht in the Caribbean and sail from one island to the other. 


The Caribbean has hundreds of beaches (you would have seen on the travel brochures), visited by millions of tourists each year. The most famous, a must-visit for all tourists, are the Baby and Arashi Beach (Aruba) and the Seven Miles Beach (Cayman Islands). There are other equally famous natural attractions like waterfalls, volcanoes, rainforests in the region. The Pico Duarte and Saint Lucia mountains and the Boiling Lake in Dominica are worth a visit. 



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