Explore the French Riviera: One day in the wonderful Hyères

By Kanika Dabra - April 21, 2020

Hyères is located on the Mediterranean coast of France along the French Riviera. A true paradise on earth, spend one day in Hyères, which a must-see destination once in a sailor’s life.

With a coast exceptionally rich in wild creeks and dreamy stopovers, the beauty of this seaside resort reveals itself once you set sail. To best discover the hidden treasures, rent a boat in Hyères and go on a day trip to the surrounding islands.

Hyères → Giens peninsula

3 nautical miles, 12 minutes of navigation

To maximize one day in Hyères, start your journey from the port of Hyères and sail towards the peninsula of Giens. A sailing of about 9 nautical miles is waiting for you. Among the places where it is essential to stop during your trip is Giens and its peninsula. This stretch of land between sky and sea, bordered by pine forests and villages, offers heavenly beaches, harbours and creeks of translucent water.

A true paradise for sailors. With its charm to the Provencal, the village of Giens has a breathtaking view of the island of Porquerolles. As for the south-eastern part of the peninsula, it is home to the Tour Fondue, that is a remain of an old fort.

The peninsula of Hyères offers many anchorages, all of which are more beautiful and sheltered than the other. We advise you to anchor in front of the beach of La Baume, a beach to the west of the Pointe de Badine. This anchorage will protect you from the Mistral wind.

Giens peninsula→ Porquerolles

3.1 nautical miles, 12 minutes of navigation

When talking about Hyères, it is impossible to forget one of its most beautiful attractions: the idyllic Îles d’Or trio. Porquerolles, the largest, is known for its pine and heather forests and its white sandy beaches. Rent a bike and discover the Notre-Dame beach, which was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015. Here you will find unspoilt nature with a flourishing vegetation, a typical Mediterranean setting.

Afterwards, go to discover the Calanque de l’Indienne, and then go through the charming little village of Porquerolles. The island is home to many creeks hidden in the hollow of the steep cliffs.

During this stopover, you can find many anchorages. First of all, we recommend you to anchor in the bay of Argent beach, which is sheltered from the Mistral wind. However, you will only be able to anchor from 100 meters from the beach, not earlier. Once you have arrived at this first stopover on the island of Porquerolles, eat at the restaurant on the beach.

After lunch, get back on the boat and sail to the Lobster beach. This beach is recognizable by the color of its sand, white in front of Giens and black in the south. This anchorage is very popular among sailors for its beauty and its protection against swell and winds.

Other anchorages are worth discovering such as the Anse du Parfait, the Anse du Bon Renaud, the Anse de la Galère and the beach of La Courtade. In these anchorages as in all the others, the smell of eucalyptus and pine trees dominates. A delight for the nose!

Porquerolles → Port-Cros

9.3 nautical miles, 37 minutes of navigation

If you have time, take advantage of this opportunity to take a trip to the Port-Cros National Park. Wild and steep, the island of Port-Cros offers a completely different experience. Overhung by a forest of palm trees and a few beaches shaded by tamarisk trees, it feels like the other side of the world.

About the anchorage, we advise anchoring at the cove of Port Cros located on the west side of the island. From this little corner of paradise, you will have a breathtaking view of the Estissac fort.

Moreover, discover the small hiking paths that take you directly to the fort, the southern beach and the palud beach. You will admire the still preserved landscapes. Once you arrive on these beaches, you will find the true beauty of Port-Cros: its seabed, which has made the island famous.

Port-Cros → Return to Port of Hyères

11.2 nautical miles, 45 minutes of navigation

This exceptional trip is coming to an end. It is time to start the sail back and return to the port of Hyères. Take advantage of this journey to admire one last time the idyllic landscapes and sail along the Notre Dame beach again.

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