How to Pack for Your First Sailing Trip

By Kanika Dabra - November 2, 2018

If your first sailing trip is just around the corner and you are extremely nervous and confused about it, that’s totally normal. Sailing can be tricky, and there is usually a big question mark on what to pack for your sailing trip. To make sure your sailing trip becomes one of your best experiences, here is a packing list that includes all the essentials and tips and tricks.

Packing list for sailing trip

  • Portable chargers with extra battery

On such exotic trips, we all want to update our Facebook or Instagram stories with the happenings on our exciting weekend trip. You don’t want to have a dead phone or camera, which is why portable chargers are a must! You can even bring extra batteries for your devices, as electrical outlets on boats are usually very limited.

  • Casual, comfortable clothes

Deciding what to wear and what kind of clothing to bring along is also very important. You can’t possibly enjoy yourself on a sailing trip with heels on or a formal dress pant. Keep it simple, don’t wear anything that’s white (for obvious reasons, you don’t want your favorite t-shirt to get stained), and remain casual.

T-shirts, casual button-downs, shorts, and trousers would do. Don’t wear anything that is too tight. Also, bring along a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts as it may get colder during the evenings and nights.

For shoes, you don’t want to wear your most expensive and favorite shoes on a sailing trip. Flip flops are the best for this occasion. They’re easy to wear and durable, and it won’t hurt if they get dirty or lost!

  • Sunscreen

On the trip, you will hardly find any shed to hide from the scorching sun. Such direct, unprotected contact can cause major sunburns and other skin issues. Do not forget to carry sunscreen with you, in the form of a cream or a spray. The recommended SPF level is 30-40.

Also, carry a lip balm with you that has some level of SPF in it. This will keep your lips moistened and protect them from the sun too. You can even bring a beach hat to protect yourself from the sun, this way you’ll be secure and also fashionable!

  • Dry bags

Dry bags seal in a waterproof manner and can protect your items like cameras, mobiles, and clothes from water. You can also use them for gathering all your dirty and wet clothes in one place, keeping them away from the used ones.

  • Medicine and first aid kits

Usually, most boats have a first aid kit in them. But it would be better if you just make a small basic first aid kit and take it with you for emergencies.

Lastly, do not forget to pack some motion sickness medication. There are even motion sickness elastic bands that are easily available. If you know you won’t be having any motion sickness, it is recommended to carry a few medications in case someone else needs it.

Useful packing tips

  • The space on a yacht is small and not big enough for heavy luggage to be brought along. You should pack light and bring along a backpack or a hand carry. A hard luggage bag will be difficult to handle.

  • Don’t pack too many makeup products with you. Just pack the basics, perhaps a foundation or your favorite lipstick. Your makeup is hardly going to stay on your face considering the amount of humidity of the climate!
  • Don’t forget to remain hydrated! Do not tire yourself and always keep a refillable water bottle with you.

We all look forward to trips full of fun and excitement, and a break from real life. But small packing errors can kill all the fun and cause disappointment. Don’t forget that packing is an essential part of becoming a beginner in sailing. Packing carefully is like a key to successful trips and parties!

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