How To Plan a Sailing Holiday On a Budget

By Kanika Dabra - May 29, 2020

Going on a holiday in general can incur lots of money and it might become quite expensive. However, with the right amount of preparation renting a boat to go sailing can be a fantastic holiday option on a budget.

Going on a vacation on a set budget doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the experience or lose the quality. It just simply requires a bit more planning and research about different options. Here are some tips on how you can plan a wonderful sailing holiday on a budget.

Book in advance

One of the main advice on how to organize a sailing holiday on a budget is to try to book in advance. Usually all the incurring costs related to a holiday increases as the holiday season comes. This includes plane tickets, airport parking, hotels and the cost of renting a boat. We recommend planning in advance and to book your dream boat on time. You can not only find great deals but also there is a higher availability to choose from. You can save money and also have great options too.

Sail off season

Secondly, to save money one of the greatest advice is to sail off season. There are plenty of reasons why it’s an amazing option. In most of the sailing destinations the season is much longer than just the summer period. There is fantastic weather from April up until October which is perfect for sailing. Also, having a bit of wind is absolutely perfect for sailing.

Not to forget the fact that there are way less tourists in spring or autumn, that results in a calmer sea, less crowd and more place at the ports.

Eat on board

Depending on the boat you rent, you have the option to eat on board. With this, you can save plenty of money as it’s cheaper that going to restaurants. Furthermore, it can be a fantastic way to discover local food markets and supermarkets where the locals shop their everyday products.

Getting fresh ingredients from a local market sounds like and idyllic lunch on the board. You can discover special ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables that can make this holiday a unique gastronomic experience.

Go as a group

It’s not a surprise that if you go sailing with a group of people, the incurring costs will disperse. You will not only save money, but you can share this amazing experience with your friends or family. There are many boats that are suitable for travelling as a bigger group. You can enjoy spending time together, try out water sports and make fantastic memories together.

Anchor in a bay

You can save money if you don’t anchor at a marina where you usually have to pay. Anchoring at a well protected bay, where there is no wind is an ideal option during sailing. However, if you go on a charter for a week, we recommend stopping at marinas once or twice to restock and get fuel if needed.

Rent a bareboat

This option is only available for those who have the neccessary documents to drive a boat. If you have previous experience or someone from the group you travel with, you can save money on the renting without a skipper. Many times, when you rent a boat the cost of the skipper can be additional. However, if you don’t feel confident in driving a boat, go for the option with a skipper. They not only have the required capabilities and experience but also, can help you in planning an itinerary.

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