i-Boating: Get the best navigation route worldwide

By Kanika from SamBoat - April 4, 2022

Automatic Slip to Slip Boat Routing in i-Boating

Are you not sure about how to find the best navigation route for your next boating holiday? We know that it can be stressful to plan an optimal navigation route between the departure point and your destination. For that reason, we would like to introduce you to i-Boating, our new partner. An app where you can find the best and safest route to make the most of your next boating getaway. 

From point A to B seamlessly

i-Boating, the premier marine navigation app has a nifty feature that automates the tedious task of plotting routes. Simply enter your boat’s draft and the app will automatically create an optimal route between start and destination.

Avoid Hazards

i-Boating includes a large database of hazards and obstructions created from official Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs), custom surveys and user-reported/verified hazards. This database is used by the route finder to create a route that steers clear of these navigation hazards

Safe for Boat’s Draft

The i-Boating cartography team has created a unified bathymetry (depth) database for waters in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and popular boating, sailing and fishing destinations all over the world. The depth layer is used to create a route that’s safe for the boat’s draft. In case such a route does not exist, all the shallow route legs are clearly marked in red.

Optimal Route

The auto-created route is optimized for distance, time and fuel consumption. The auto-routing tool menu includes a tool for time and fuel estimates. Try using this tool on a Boat rental in Miami!

Route  Assistance & Voice Alerts

You can use your device’s GPS to follow the created route. Route assistance clearly shows your boat’s position on the screen, along with a bread crumb track indicating where your boat has been and an arrow indicating where the boat is headed. The route assistance module ensures that you are following the created route and gives voice alerts if you go off route. You can see distance and bearing to the next waypoint on top of the screen, along with an ETA to the destination.

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