Martinique itinerary: 9 days sailing along the Grenadines

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 10, 2022

What if we told you that we had the ultimate itinerary to discover the best of the Grenadines in 9 days? This archipelago offers breathtaking exotic landscapes, incredible seabeds and water at 27°C! A true jewel of the Caribbean, the best destination for an incredible trip sailing in the Grenadines.

Useful tips 

To sail in this area, you don’t need a licence to rent a sailboat or catamaran, but you will be asked for a nautical curriculum. If you have no sailing experience, you can rent a boat with a skipper. 

The Caribbean is made up of islands belonging to different countries. You will need to go through customs formalities called “clearance” every time you visit an island. However, if you are only spending one night at anchor, this is not necessary. The only requirement is to place the yellow flag, which means that you are only passing through and do not intend to set foot on the island. 

As far as the choice of boat is concerned, the catamaran is the best choice in Martinique thanks to its shallow draught, which allows you to get close to the coast while enjoying a high level of comfort.

Day 1: Martinique island

You will probably land at Aimé Césaire airport on the island of Martinique. Then you will need to go to the port of Le Marin, where most of the boats for rent are moored. 

When you embark, you can buy your supplies directly at the port where you will find everything you need for your boat trip. You will also be given practical advice whether you are leaving with or without a skipper.

You can spend the night at the port of Le Marin and in the morning, explore the paradisiacal islands around you.

Day 2: Le Marin Saint Lucia

31 nautical miles – 6 hours of sailing

Leave early to enjoy your first day of sailing and reach the island of Saint Lucia in 4 hours of sailing. You will arrive at Rodney Bay, the first stop in this former British colony with its mountainous landscape. Pitons Bay is a must for discovering waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes by the sea.

Day 3: Saint Lucia Bequia

60 nautical miles – 12 hours sailing

To get to Bequia, you will sail for 7 hours along with the islands of St Lucia and St Vincent. You may see flying fish and even whales if you are lucky! Bequia is the first island of the Grenadines archipelago. 

You can anchor in front of the capital of Port Elizabeth in Admiralty Bay. Enjoy local specialities like the delicious grilled fish for example. This island has a very rich marine history to discover. 

Day 4: Bequia Mayreau 

22 nautical miles – 4 hours sailing

After a beautiful day of sailing, you arrive at Salt Whistle Bay, the best place to anchor. The reward for your journey is a beautiful beach with white sand, turquoise water and coconut palms, just like in the magazines! The village is a 15-minute walk away with a splendid view of the next destination: Tobago Cays. 

Day 5: Mayreau Tobago Cays

2 nautical miles, 30 minutes sailing time

Here you can swim with turtles and snorkel with the coral reef. This is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Grenadines. You will stay overnight in this dreamy place with the possibility to anchor behind the barrier reef. You can even taste lobsters or fruits offered by boat-boys who will come to meet you. 

Day 6: Tobago Cays Union

5 nautical miles – 1 hour sailing time

At Union the seabed is splendid, and you can still take out your mask and snorkel to discover the riches hidden under the water, or go paddleboarding. You can enjoy a nice evening listening to the local steel band or reggae music! You can anchor in Clifton Bay. 

Day 7: Union Saint Vincent 

40 nautical miles – 8 hours of sailing

After a full day’s sailing spent skirting the island of Canouan, head for the Wallilabu Bay anchorage. This is one of the places where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It’s a great way to feel like Jack Sparrow for a day. 

Day 8: Saint Vincent Marigot Bay (Saint Lucia)

40 nautical miles – 8 hours sailing

After an overnight stay in St. Vincent, we set sail along the beautiful island of St. Lucia to Marigot Bay for another anchorage. Packed with amazing scenery, mangroves and green hills, you will spend the night here before your last day in the Grenadines.

Day 9: Saint Lucia Port du Marin

40 nautical miles – 8 hours sailing time

Last day of sailing, reach Martinique and the Port of Le Marin. Allow time on arrival to refuel and check out. After enjoying such an idyllic trip, we are sure that you will only have one thought… to come back and enjoy the Grenadines!

By doing this itinerary entirely under sail, you will cover 386 km and save 35 litres of fuel.

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