Itineraries for the Caribbean

The Caribbean has long been a sailors playground due to its perfect conditions and dream like destinations. Find our favorite destinations along with our suggested itineraries to make the best out of your sailing holidays in the BVI and The Bahamas.
Are you planning to visit the Caribbean for your next vacation but are not sure how to organize your time there? Don’t worry! Take advantage of the Martinique Charter Itinerary and Cruise around the Grenadines with our 9 Day Itinerary. A true Jewel of the Caribbean, this archipelago of islands—
Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, discover the island with dual nationality: Saint Martin. SamBoat has put together a charter itinerary to discover the best of the Leeward Islands. With a yacht charter in the Caribbean, you can explore the islands of Saint Barthélemy, Saint
Antigua is located southeast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and is one of the two islands that makes up the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It’s one of the archipelago’s most visited places as it hosts some of the best environments for nautical activities. It is considered a paradise, for any
Guadeloupe is an island in the French West Indies lying in the Caribbean Sea. This little corner of paradise has no shortage of activities, with waterfalls and paradisiacal beaches. Chartering a boat in Guadeloupe will charm explorers seeking adventure as well as those seeking peace and quiet. You
What if we told you that we had the ultimate itinerary to discover the best of the Grenadines in 9 days? This archipelago offers breathtaking exotic landscapes, incredible seabeds and water at 27°C! A true jewel of the Caribbean, the best destination for an incredible trip sailing in the Grenadine
This exotic destination is ideal for a boat cruise around the 7 islands of the Caribbean archipelago. We have prepared an itinerary for you in Guadeloupe. You are free to follow this boat route or take it as an inspiration to create your own. The main island includes Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre
For a 7 day itinerary, we suggest that you go sailing in the archipelago of Canarreos in the south of Cuba in the Caribbean, you could start your trip by renting a boat with SamBoat in Cienfuegos. This archipelago is composed of cays and small islands with fantastic landscapes, ideal to explore by
Do you need some sun, coconut trees, turquoise lagoons and a place to clear your mind? Head out on a 15-day sailing itinerary in the Bahamas Islands to feel cut off from the world. ⛵The Bahamas is an extraordinary sailing destination Just mentioning the name of the Bahamas is enough to make
The British Virgin Islands are among the top sailing spots in the world for all sailors. With an easy line-of-sight and relaxed winds, it is easy to see why this destination has risen to the top of sailing experiences in the Caribbean.  The warm weather and immaculate waters with hidden beaches
An adventurous trip to the Caribbean is all about the crystal clear, cerulean water and warm winds. The reflection of the stunning moon on the waves and sounds of the ocean are part of the Caribbean ecstasy. The Caribbean islands are the perfect destination for the ones looking for a luxurious
Sailing the British Virgin Islands is one of the top sailing destinations around the world and a quick look at the picturesque islands will immediately give you an indication of why.  For sailors, discovering secluded coves and unique snorkelling spots is one of its treasures. Take a trip to this