Montenegro Itinerary: A 7 day cruise in the Adriatic Sea

By Kanika Dabra - January 15, 2020

With nearly 300 km of coastline, Montenegro is an ideal cruising destination. Explore Montenegro’s coastline by boat through a custom 7-day itinerary. Spend one week discovering the ideal sailing environment when you charter a yacht in Montenegro from the mouths of Kotor to Tivat.

Navigation Tips for Montenegro

Weather Conditions

In the middle of summer, even though the conditions are perfect for sailing, the heat can be a little much. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your cruise around May and June, for more pleasant temperatures and you’ll also have more space in anchorages. Starting in May, the weather is perfect and the climate is much more enjoyable.

However, remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast, especially for the winds that can start at any day in this region.

Requirements to Navigate in Montenegro

In order to sail in Montenegro, you must be able to show your passport or identity card, a sea boat licence or equivalent, a VHF licence and your up-to-date nautical CV.

Day 1: Kotor → Herceg Novi

15 nautical miles, 2 hours 30 minutes

Your sailing trip in Montenegro starts in the city of Kotor. Once the check-in of your rental boat is completed, set sail in the direction of Herceg Novi. You will have plenty of time to explore the city of Kotor and its old town in greater depth at the end of your cruise.

In order to reach the port of Herceg Novi, you will need approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes of navigation time. There you will discover the Blue Cave, the most remarkable cave in Kotor. Its turquoise waters offer a breathtaking view that you should not miss. After reaching the city, you can enjoy your first evening on board in complete serenity.

Day 2: Herceg Novi → Budva

22 nautical miles, 4 hours

Second day of sailing, set sail for Budva. This seaside resort has a historic charm with its walls and old town centre. In the summer, Budva becomes very lively, you can find many local restaurants and mingle with the night crowd. For this night, you will spend the night at anchor.

Day 3: Budva → Bar

16 nautical miles, 3 hours

You will head to the main port of Montenegro, Bar, on the third day of sailing. Sail along the seaside resort, and admire the 250 different species of birds sheltered in the ornithological reserve. Keep in mind that the 3 hour approximation is based on perfect weather conditions, so plan accordingly. Conclude the day by surveying the remains of the city, before spending the night at anchor.

Day 4: Bar → Ulcinj → Bar

Head to Ulcinj for a quiet and restful stopover on this fourth day of sailing. This unique island has magnificent sandy beaches and is covered with olive trees. In the city, you’ll find the perfect mix of interesting restaurants, cafes and galleries. The anchorage in the Ulcinj marina is only during the day, so you will have to return to the port of Bar for the night.

Day 5: Bar →  Bigova

27 nautical miles, 5 hours

Finally leave Bar in the direction of Bigova, a charming fishing village. You can even swim in the bay. Bigova has a pleasant and protected night anchorage, but you will only find a few restaurants and shops on land.

Day 6: Bigova → Tivat

5 nautical miles

Set course for Tivat, only 5 nautical miles from Bigova. A very touristic town, you will find many local Mediterranean specialities. It is also the ideal city for shopping, a drink and dinner in a trendy restaurant before spending the night.

Day 7: Tivat → Kotor

8 nautical miles

The navigation back to Kotor is relatively short, you will have the rest of the day to make different stops and discover the city, coastline and restaurants. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, this city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering you a magnificent historical spectacle.

Once the inventory of fixtures of your rental boat is finished, go for a hike to Fort Saint-Jean to fully enjoy the end of your cruise.

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