New York! Las Vegas! Los Angeles! …Philadelphia? You bet.

By Kanika Dabra - June 19, 2018

Why Philadelphia should be your next trip to the United States.

Maybe you’ve been to America before, or maybe you’re looking to plan your first trip to the US and don’t know where to start. We spoke to the local experts over at Zeeno, and here’s why they say Philadelphia should be your #1 choice.

History- Learn about how America got its start

In order to understand someone, or some place, you need to understand what shaped them – the events that revolutionized a city, and a country. It was Philadelphia that played host to the people who helped guide the early days of America, making key decisions, and writing the principles that 300 million people would soon rely on as a constitution for governance, and a structure for society.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States, the original Capital. It’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and where you can learn everything there is to know about how this country has grown over the last 250 or so years (minus the last two-ish… sorry about him).  Walk through everything from the history of the architecture, to the oldest street in Philadelphia-with some of the original housing still there- to the cobblestone walkways filled with unique shops, bars, and ice cream parlors. You can even get a local tour with Ben Franklin


Food- Eat, seriously.

Yes, Philadelphia is home to the cheesesteak, a quintessential American sandwich which encapsulates everything bad and absolutely delicious about American cuisine. But did you also know that it’s home to a culinary renaissance? Where top chefs are opening restaurants all over the city and new food is reaching extraordinary acclaim. And, a few blocks south of the critically acclaimed Center City restaurant world exists hidden gems that are just as good, if not better!

Restaurants serve food from all over the world, some in a space no larger than a living room. From Mexican, to Italian, to French, to classic American, there are food experiences all over the city; each having a unique perspective, an exciting dining experience, and a guarantee of you leaving with a full, satisfied stomach.


Culture- Feel at home, everywhere

Philadelphia is known as a laid back, blue collar town. There’s something for every family here. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of a big city, you can go shopping on Walnut Street, or stroll through Center City. If you want to experience the small-town vibe of Old City, it’s an easy 10 minute walk. You can go see concerts down by the river, or hang in Rittenhouse Square and watch the dog walkers. Find a local tour guide who knows the city and can show you all the unique ways to get the most out of your visit, and make this a city you’ll love like a brother.

Being named a World Heritage City has increased tourism in Philadelphia significantly over the past few years, but there’s still a million things to do beyond the main tourist attractions. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the surface and discover a truly great American city. From a new spin on the history, to the exciting food scene, and everything in between, go to Philadelphia for a real understanding of an American city, and we promise you’ll love the time you spend there.  

Make Philadelphia your first stop. And get a local Zeeno guide while you’re there, trust us.

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