SamBoat commits to coral protection

By Kanika from SamBoat - July 18, 2022

A boat rented with SamBoat is a restored coral piece!

At SamBoat we are aware that corals represent exceptional biodiversity and that we must absolutely preserve them. Scientists estimate that they are home to more than 25% of all marine species by providing habitable ecosystems for sea life.

As a boat rental platform, the oceans are our main playground and that is why SamBoat has chosen to actively participate in the preservation of these fragile but essential ecosystems. 

The importance of corals to our oceans 

Corals that come together to form coral reefs are magnificent organisms where marine life thrives and hosts nearly two million different species. But this balance is under threat, with about a quarter of the world’s coral reefs already considered irreversibly damaged, and two-thirds seriously threatened.

4 reasons why corals are essential: 

  • Essential habitats for marine life
  • A natural barrier to preserve coastlines
  • An essential resource for tourism, fishing and food security
  • Strong medical solutions in perspective thanks to coral reefs

If we don’t act, 90% of coral reefs could disappear by 2050. Through our partnership with Coral Guardian, we and the SamBoat community are helping preserve these wonderful ecosystems.

What are the main causes of coral destruction?

In addition to bad practices related to human activities, the primary sources of coral destruction are pollution and climate change. 

  • Pollution: Waste and other toxic products released into the oceans represent a real poison for corals. This pollution causes a rise in the level of nitrogen in the water and thus the development of algae that suffocate corals.  
  • Climate change: Corals are not able to survive in warm waters, which leads to coral bleaching.

SamBoat commits to coral protection with Coral Guardian! 

SamBoat has partnered with Coral Guardian, an NGO that seeks to protect coral ecosystems by involving local communities. Coral Guardian acts in Indonesia and Spain for:

  • The protection and the restoration of corals and coral ecosystems
  • The cleaning of plastic waste in protected areas
  • The awareness and involvement of local communities

Do the right things! 

If you are sailing above coral reefs, be very careful not to damage the corals by stepping on them or by rubbing your boat’s hull or propeller against the coral formations. If you decide to drop your anchor near a coral reef, make sure that it is not dropped over a coral.  You should also use environmentally friendly sun protection by wearing UV protection and using eco-friendly sun creams. You will be able to dive in the middle of the corals and enjoy the show while preserving nature. Also be careful not to pick up corals as a souvenir, even if they are dead, they are essential for the life cycle. 

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