Santorini dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 14, 2022

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. It is nestled between Crete and Athens in the middle of the Aegen sea. Santorini has become a famous place to visit in Greece, mainly due to its unconventional shape formed by volcanic eruptions. Renting a boat in Santorini is, without a doubt the best way to explore the island and its fantastic surroundings. Get away from the crowd on a Santorini dayboat route. Cruise to unchartered locations and lay on red and white sand beaches where you can refresh in translucent waters.

At the end of the day walk through the tiny streets of small, charming villages. You’ll be stunned by the colourful houses carved out of the rock, where you can sit and watch the legendary Santorini sunset.

A good starting point for a fantastic Santorini dayboat route is from the southern tip of the island. Rent a boat in Vlychada, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the northern parts of the island and cruise back before dark. Before departure, make sure that you have sunscreen, your shades and a swimsuit! 

1) Red & White beach

2.38 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Head west to the red sand beach. It is probably the most famous beach in Santorini because of its atypical colours. It’s definitely a place to visit, and you’ll come across this hotspot either way as it is on your way to the next place. Sail to the neighbouring white sand beach for more tranquillity. This pebble beach is surrounded by vertical cliffs and lava formations. It is only accessible by anchoring with your boat, which makes it even more unique! Spend enough time exploring the area, you can also go for a swim to cool off.

2) Akrotiri lighthouse

2.18 nautical miles, 9 minutes of navigation

It’s time to loop around the western point and contemplate the Caldera bay. Anchor in the westernmost point of Santorini, you can then hike up to the Akrotiri lighthouse and appreciate the panoramic view from the top. There is also a small cave nearby where you can take a quaint photo of the lighthouse if you like taking pictures! The odd cliffs around are also spectacular. Altogether, this place could be a highlight of your trip, so be sure to check it out!

3) Caldera beach

2.82 nautical miles, 11 minutes of navigation

Navigate to Caldera beach for some peaceful time on the sandy shores of Santorini. This Santorini dayboat route would be incomplete without a fair share of snorkelling in the turquoise sea. If you don’t have snorkelling equipment you can still go swimming and tan on the beach! The island has great weather from Spring to fall so you won’t be disappointed by the warm conditions.

4) Nea / Palea Kalmeni

2.58 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Santorini was formed by eruptions from its two volcanoes: Nea and Palia Kameni. These volcanoes form separate islands which are both worth your time on your Santorini dayboat route. Anchor on the northern side of Palia and you’ll be greeted by hot springs and a small chapel. The geological formations there are made of cooled lava. Nea also has some hot springs, and if you have enough energy you can hike up for about 30 minutes to reach the crater.

5) Armeni beach

3.48 nautical miles, 14 minutes of sailing

Armeni beach is located in the north of Santorini. The tiny port is located beneath the village of Oia, which is beautifully built with whitewashed houses carved on top of steep cliffs, it overlooks the astonishing bay of Santorini. You don’t have to climb up to Oia if you feel tired, as the small beach already hosts great views. Although, we strongly recommend sightseeing from up there!

6) Port of Fira

3 nautical miles, 12 minutes of sailing

This magnificent port will definitely be worth visiting. It’s one of the most visited places and will make your Santorini dayboat route even better! We suggest stopping over for sunset as it constitutes one of the most recognized panoramas on the island. If you don’t have time, or if you feel exhausted, you can always decide to cruise back to Vlychada (10 nautical miles) and proceed with the checkout.

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