Set Sail to The Bahamas

By Kanika Dabra - April 20, 2021

Sailing in the Bahamas

When we think of spending our vacations sailing in the carribean, it is without a doubt that the first thing that comes to mind is The Bahamas. I’m sure we’ve all seen the beautiful scenery and the perfect sailing conditions making it one of the top sailing destinations worldwide. With so many choices on how to explore The Bahamas, we’ve fallen in love with one route.

With several islands uninhabited and the ability to partake in the famous activity of swimming with the pigs, we highly recommend cruising to the Exuma Cays and planning an amazing island hopping itinerary from there. With hundreds of islands to choose from, your possibilities are endless. 

Weather and time to visit The Bahamas

When it comes to choosing a time to book your yacht charter in the Bahamas, you’ll have to keep in mind that the sailing season follows the normal course of the Caribbean. Most people know that the sailing season runs typically from May to October, but in The Bahamas, you’ll be sailing from October to April. 

Even though you’ll find the hottest months in August, the humidity and rain create unfavorable conditions to spend your dream yacht charter in The Bahamas. The weather during the period from May to October is perfect for your sailing holiday. January will have the coldest temperatures, but when we say coldest, we mean 21 to 22 degrees celsius. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Where to go in The Bahamas?

As we mentioned, when planning a catamaran charter in The Bahamas, you’ll have several options as to where to go and what to see. If you plan on discovering the Exuma Cays, you’ll have access to more than 300 incredible cays that are just south of Nassau.

The great thing about sailing in the Exumas is the variety of things to do and see. Since you’ll be spending 7 days in the Caribbean, you’ll have plenty of time to explore on land and in the water. 

In the Exumas, you’ll be able to visit the beautiful Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park which is one of the biggest marine parks. Also, if you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime and a pretty good instagram moment, swim with the pigs and we promise this will be one of the most exciting activities of your lifetime. 

Perks of sailing in The Bahamas

The Exumas are a perfect place to spend your holidays with your friends and family since the waters a lot calmer than the other archipelagos in The Bahamas. Another huge advantage is that you’ll have access to several secluded beaches in an area with world renowned beaches.

Since most of the islands in the Exumas are uninhabited, you’ll be able to explore until you find that hidden gem and spend a peaceful day admiring nature and taking quick dips in perfectly clear warters. 

We’re sure a visit to the Bahamas this year is the perfect way to unwind and discover a completely new scenery 

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