7-day itinerary in the South of Corsica

By Kanika Dabra - March 12, 2020

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located southeast of France. South of the island offers many of the best beaches in Corsica, beautiful cities, unique nature and it’s rich in history too. You can even go hiking in Corsica. With everything that is has to offer, South Corsica is a perfect holiday destination. Rent a boat in Ajaccio, in the capital city of Corsica to fully explore the opportunities of the south. It will take you all the way to the stunning Porto-Vecchio and back.

Practical information

The weather conditions

Although it is paradise, Corsica’s coastline can sometimes prove to be tricky. When sailing in Corsica, always check the weather forecast. It is best to avoid being surprised by a rough sea without being prepared for it.

The very particular landscape of the island allows you to be relatively well protected from the winds while sailing on the east coast. However, be careful when approaching the bay of Porto Vecchio, where strong winds can cause the waves to rise.

Always keep an eye on the route

Also remember to always keep an eye on the road and on any obstacles. Even if you have a nautical chart. Some obstacles or even some boats could give you unpleasant surprises. Be aware of the areas where anchoring is banned. On the Lavezzi Islands, anchoring is possible almost everywhere, but disembarkation is not allowed on all islands.

Finally, if you are sailing without a skipper, don’t fall for the call of the pretty clear bays. Some areas are deceptive and much shallower than they appear. When sailing a sailboat or catamaran, always rely on nautical charts and avoid making reckless shortcuts.

Day 1: Ajaccio → Propriano

25.5 nautical miles, 5 hours of sailing

The first day of your cruise starts in Ajaccio, the capital city of the island. With its two harbours in deep see, Ajaccio is an ideal starting point for sailing in South Corsica. Once the check-in is done, take a moment to visit the capital city before you start the journey.

Head towards Propriano, south of Ajaccio. You will be able to sail along the Corsican coasts in all peace and quiet, until the Gulf of Ajaccio. There are many mooring opportunities available for you if you wish to take a break and have a swim. Once you arrive in Propriano, enjoy the calmness of the town for the evening before spending the night in the port.

Day 2: Propriano → Bonifacio

33 nautical miles, 6.5 hours of sailing

Second day of sailing, set sail towards Bonifacio. A slightly longer route is waiting for you. Once you pass the Capo di Feno, sail towards Bonifacio along the stunning cliffs overlooking the sea. You arrive in Bonifacio’s port which is located in the hollow of a bottleneck. It will offer you a stunning stopover.

Day 3: Bonifacio → Lavezzi Islands

6.6 nautical miles, 1 hour 20 minutes of sailing

Go back to the sea in the direction of the Lavezzi Islands. It is a true paradise in the south of Corsica. The calmness and nature of this archipelago, will certainly offer you the most beautiful and peaceful anchorages of this cruise. Take the opportunity to dive, swim or relax in this little piece of paradise.

Day 4: Lavezzi Islands → Porto Vecchio

20.4 nautical miles, 4 hours of sailing

Change of direction, head northeast towards Porto Vecchio. You will have many opportunities to anchor in one of the bays, swim or relax for lunch. Once you arrive in Porto Vecchio, you will enjoy the city and its authentic atmosphere. Smaller than Bonifacio or Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio is quiet and ideal for beautiful walks with its many historical sites along the port. Take a chance to enjoy one of the best beaches in Porto Vecchio in Corsica!

Day 5: Porto Vecchio →Ventilegne

34.7 nautical miles, 7 hours of sailing

On the fifth day of sailing, it’s time to start your return to Ajaccio’s port, heading towards Ventilegne. Although, it is a slightly longer journey, just follow the coast and sail back up to Ventilegne. Be careful of the wind as it could surprise you.

Once past Bonifacio, the first bay open to you is the Gulf of Ventilegne. You will find your anchorage for the night here, it is a heavenly bay but dotted with rocks.

Day 6: Ventilegne → Tizzano

15.4 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

Leave one paradise behind to discover another one by heading towards Tizzano. Its beautiful beaches and piers make it the perfect last destination for relaxation before the end of your cruise.

Embedded between the rocks, its transparent water makes this small village very special. You will be able to spend the night in the small port if your boat is less than 10 metres long. Otherwise, you can anchor right in front of the pier.

Day 7: Tizzano → Ajaccio

28.8 nautical miles, 5.5 hours of sailing

Last day of the cruise, it’s time to return to Ajaccio. Once you finish the check-up of your boat, you will be able to enjoy one last time the stunning scenery that Ajaccio has to offer. This is the perfect end to this cruise in South Corsica.

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