Spend An Unforgettable Day At The Sea in Saint-Tropez

By Kanika Dabra - June 15, 2020

About three kilometres from Saint-Tropez and thirteen kilometres from Saint-Maxime, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, lies the charming little seaside resort of Cogolin. Far from the tourist crowds of its neighbouring towns, you will find the medieval town of Cogolin a haven of peace. Therefore, we have chosen it as the starting point for your day trip by boat. You can rent a boat in Cogolin and sail towards the east, to spend an unforgettable day at sea in Saint-Tropez.

Departure from Cogolin → Beach of Pampelonne

Departing from Cogolin, sail to the east towards the first stopover of your day trip by boat: the bay of Pampelonne and its famous beaches. It is a popular destination for yachting because of its fame and reputation. We advise you to leave early in the morning from Cogolin to enjoy the best anchorages in the bay. This stopover is going to be one of the highlights of this day at the sea in Saint-Tropez.

A 45-minute sail is waiting for you. Once you arrive, you will be surrounded by beautiful beaches and luxurious yachts. Drop anchor on these idyllic beaches and take a short break in the sun. The only drawback is that this is not a recommended anchorage in an easterly or southerly wind.

Pampelonne Beach → Cap Taillat, l’Escalet Beach

After spending a nice part of the morning strolling on the beaches of Pampelonne, turn off towards Cap Taillat for lunch. You will be there in about 30 minutes of sailing. Anchor in front of Taillat beach and moor there. Once you are on land, climb the big rock to reach the top. A 30-minute walk awaits you.

Once at the top, you can take a lunch break and enjoy the view. Hiking, snorkeling and swimming will be available during this stopover. On the scene, don’t forget to discover the wild beach of l’Escalet. This heavenly anchorage is unfortunately not protected from the swell and the east wind. For this reason, check the weather conditions before going there.

Cap Taillat → Canoubiers Bay

Leave this wild area and go along the coast in the direction of Cogolin. During this crossing, make a stopover in the Bay of Canoubiers. This bay is located just behind Saint-Tropez on a beautiful Posidonia forest. Like many stars and artists before you, anchor in this famous bay protected from the easterly winds and surrounded by the houses of stars such as the Madrague, home of Brigitte Bardot. Take advantage of this last stopover before returning to Cogolin to have an aperitif on the deck of your boat.

Canoubiers Bay → Harbours of the Marines Cogolin

It’s time to return from your day trip, drive along the coast north towards our starting point: Cogolin. Take advantage of this last journey to admire these landscapes with unforgettable memories. Finish off your day at the sea in Saint-Tropez with a walk along the seaside and in the port of the charming seaside resort of Cogolin.

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