Top Beaches to Visit in Corfu

If there is one thing Corfu is known for among tourists, it’s the island’s incredible beaches. From sandy beaches to pebbled ones, shallow waters to fantastic diving spots, the beaches here are one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for the perfect spot for your next beach day while sailing in Corfu, check out 5 of the best beaches listed below. Paleokastritsa Source: @elizawashere If you

Top Diving Sites Around Corfu

Located in the Ionian Islands, Corfu is one of the most famous Greek islands, due to its brilliant beaches, fantastic architecture and lively nightlife. Corfu is also often popular due to the incredible water sports available around the island, the most popular of which is diving. Having mostly calm water, good visibility and incredible natural beauty, Corfu is filled with areas and caverns to di

Corfu dayboat route

Corfu is one of the seven principal islands located in the west of mainland Greece, collectively known as the Ionian Islands. Along with the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, Corfu is also known as one of the three jewels of the Ionian Sea. With a long history and influences drawn from Venetian, Ottoman, Greek, and British empires, the island excellently fuses architectural, gastronomic, and natura