Propriano dayboat route

Sailing in Corsica? We have prepared two options for one-day sailing itineraries on this beautiful island. Rent a boat in Propriano and get ready to be amazed by translucent waters, white sand and breathtaking scenery on this Propriano dayboat route. Option 1: Heading north of Propriano for a day of sailing As you leave the port of Propriano, you will pass beautiful beaches and coves su

A week of sailing from Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio, or Portivechju in Corsican, is a destination dedicated to relaxation and water sports. The region has many beaches and coves, and is a citadel that hosts many festivals, a picturesque old town and a lively marina. Embark on a magnificent cruise in the south of Corsica, starting from Porto-Vecchio or rent a boat in Bonifacio, and discover the surrounding islands and secluded coves b

Sailing itinerary South Brittany : 7 days from Concarneau

With its famous islands and wild landscapes, South Brittany is an ideal playground for boat rental with SamBoat in Brittany. From the Glénans to the island of Groix, passing by Belle Île, Houat and Hoedic… Here is our sailing itinerary in South Brittany for 7 days at sea. Tips for this sailing itinerary in Southern Brittany Following a sailing itinerary in Southern Brittany is more