Sailing itinerary South Brittany : 7 days from Concarneau

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 10, 2022

With its famous islands and wild landscapes, South Brittany is an ideal playground for boat rental with SamBoat in Brittany. From the Glénans to the island of Groix, passing by Belle Île, Houat and Hoedic… Here is our sailing itinerary in South Brittany for 7 days at sea.

Tips for this sailing itinerary in Southern Brittany

Following a sailing itinerary in Southern Brittany is more pleasant and less tiring than in the North because of its better weather. Southern Brittany has many nice harbours but also has many great islands not to be missed such as Les Glénans, Belle Île, Houat, Hoedic or a trip to the island of Groix.

To take full advantage of your sailing or catamaran cruise in Brittany, we advise you to leave in spring, from the end of March, or in September, after the high season. Thus, you will benefit from less crowded anchorages, and ideal sailing conditions.

Day 1 : Concarneau → Les Glénans

10 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing 

Your itinerary in Brittany begins at the marina of Concarneau. Located in the middle of the “walled city”, it is an ideal starting point for your cruise. With its numerous facilities and the various services available in the area, you will be able to get supplies for your journey without difficulty. Once this is done, set sail towards Les Glénans.

Once arrived at the archipelago, be careful and choose a safe place to anchor at night: La Chambre, Anse du Phare, La Pie or Posmar. Be very careful: the archipelago is strewn with rocks, which are the cause of many shipwrecks!

Day 2: Les Glénans → Belle Île

About 40 nautical miles, 8 hours of sailing

Second day of sailing, it is time to start a longer sailing stage than the previous one. Heading south-east, towards Belle Île and the Poulains lighthouse. Take the opportunity to swim or sunbathe before heading to one of the ports. We advise you to choose the Port du Palais, the largest port of the island. In the heart of the city, it will offer you many services and will allow you to navigate without too many difficulties.

Day 3: Visit of Belle Île

Third day of your itinerary in Brittany, we suggest you take the time to visit Belle island. The best way to optimise your visit is to rent a bicycle. You will be able to cross the island while admiring nature and the breathtaking view of the sea. A swim or a surfing session in the waves at the beach of Donnants is also a good idea to end the day!

Day 4 : Belle Île → Houat

8 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing

A very short sail awaits you to reach the island of Houat. Be prepared for a total change of scenery. On this wild island, nature is predominant. Discover a golden sand beach with turquoise waters, and let yourself be carried away by the richness and biodiversity of the area. The small island offers two anchorages: Treac’h er Beniguet, which is not recommended when the wind is from the North, and Treac’h er Goured, which is easier to access. Pay attention to the direction of the wind, which must be taken into account when you anchor.

Day 5 : Houat → Hoëdic

4 nautical miles, 1 hour of sailing 

Fifth day of sailing, heading south-east, towards the island of Hoëdic, Houat’s little sister. Two ports await for you: Port de l’Argol and Port de la Croix. These small harbours are not very well equipped in terms of facilities and space. But the Port de la Croix has the advantage of being on the edge of a sumptuous white sand beach. 

Day 6: Hoëdic → Groix

30 nautical miles, 6 hours of sailing 

Before the last day of sailing on board your charter, it is time to head back to the North-West. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, which governs all the sailing in Brittany. When you arrive at the island of Groix, you will be able to moor at the quay or on a buoy in the large harbour.

Take advantage of this last day to discover the charm and authenticity of Breton island. From mid-season, 200 moorings are available, spread over 6 sites: Locmaria – Les saisies, Les Sables Rouges – Port Coustic, Port Mélite, Port Lay, Quelhuit and Port Melun.

Day 7: Groix → Concarneau 

Approximately 25 nautical miles, 5 hours of sailing

Your sailing itinerary in Southern Brittany is coming to an end, set sail back to Concarneau. Once you arrive, don’t forget to refuel your boat and check out with the skipper or owner. We hope that this pretty escapade in Brittany will have given you the desire to rent a boat again in Brittany.

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🍃 By doing this itinerary entirely on a sailboat, you will travel 188 km and save 17 litres of fuel.

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