Top 8 most beautiful lakes in Europe

By Kanika from SamBoat - January 28, 2022

Why not choose a destination surrounded by nature for your next holiday? Take a break from the city and disconnect from work, visit some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Lakes are usually calmer and generally easier to navigate compared to the sea, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable boat trip. Fall in love with nature with these stunning lakes and start planning your trip.

Lake Saimaa, Finland

Lake Saimaa is one of the largest and most important lakes in Europe and is in southeastern Finland. It is not just an ordinary lake, with a maze of thousands of islands and a shoreline of more than 14,000 km. In 2014, it was declared one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world because of its green landscapes. What makes this lake and its surroundings unique is its pure nature. It is a place of such purity that its water and surroundings have not been corrupted by man. The locals say that the water is so pure that you can drink it.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is the deepest lake in Italy and is in the northern part of the country. It is a popular area for its iconic scenery. You will find the Alps, abundant vegetation and charming villages. Rent a boat in Como and sail its waters to discover the towns around the lake. Bellano is a small village on the western shore of the lake. The main attraction of this village is the Orrido, which is formed by the flow of the river Pioverna. 

Lake Constance, Germany

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe and borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Germany visited all year round by local tourists. In the summer, its sandy beaches are full of people, where you can go windsurfing, canoeing and, of course, sailing. During the winter, is visited for its white scenery and activities. This lake is full of beautiful villages like Hagnau or St. Gallen. It also has unique islands worth visiting like Mainau island. 

Lake Annecy, France 

Lake Annecy is in Haute Savoie in France and is fed by springs from the nearby mountains. To the north of the lake is the town of Annecy, famous for its medieval architecture, canals and points that criss-cross the town. It is one of the most popular destinations in the north of France, and during the summer has water activities and sailing boats all over the lake. A popular activity for tourists is to visit the lakeside villages by boat; hire a boat in Annecy to sail to these villages and learn about their history.

Lake Bled, Slovenia 

This lake is in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, and it is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in this country. The charm of this lake and its village is the 11th-century castle and its medieval atmosphere. The most impressive features of the lake are the surrounding mountains and the small island that hosts the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. It is definitely a place not to be missed!

Lake Hallstatt, Austria

Lake Hallstatt is in the mountainous area of Salzkammergut in Austria. It boasts beautiful scenery that looks like something out of a fairy tale. The village houses and 16th-century streets give the lake a unique touch, not to mention the gigantic mountains surrounding it. It is worth visiting this lake during spring or summer to see the vegetation and the colours of nature. Our advice: visit this lake during the winter, the landscape changes, and everything turns white with the snow.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Central Europe and borders Switzerland and France. For years boats have sailed the waters of this lake from end to end. Sailing is a different and efficient way to get to know the cities around the lake, such as Nyon and Montreux. Rent a boat on Lake Geneva and cruise around the lake, you will find swimming areas and picturesque villages with good tourist attractions.

Salt Lagoon Torrevieja, Spain

This peculiar lagoon with pink water is located a few kilometres from Alicante. It is one of the largest saltwater lagoons in Europe. The authentic colour is due to the pigments of a bacteria that lives in a salty environment. The best time to visit this lagoon and enjoy its bright pink colour and the thousands of flamingos is at the end of summer. Our tip: Do not swim in the lagoon because it is forbidden, and you may be fined.

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