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Hire a boat in Corfu


One of the largest Ionian islands and also one of the greenest, Corfu is situated just south of the Albanian coast and west of the Greek mainland. The remarkable element of Corfu is the coast is just as stunning as the inland. With 217 km of coast, it is a dream destination for sailors and explorers alike.  


Ask any local in Corfu and they will immediately tell you the island has changed over the past decade. Tourists are descending on the place at a steady rate, but this should not deter you for a single second. The island has learned to cater to the needs of every kind of visitor. After renting a boat, you’ll be able to explore the coast and find your own secluded beach. On the island, there are several landmarks worth visiting and since tourists tend to stay on the popular coasts, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the island.


Rent a motorboat or sailboat and be sure to discover the coast of Corfu. Sail to the north-west coast and stop at Paleokastritsa and take in the views of the Angelokastro,a ruined castle that is simply stunning. Visit historic cricket fields, see the beautiful coast, take part of nautical activities all in one place, Corfu.


Pricing and Information on renting a boat in Corfu


In Corfu, the high season is usual of that of the rest of Greece. Starting from May to mid-September, you'll encounter the peak season. For the pricing of the boats, several factors will have to be taken into consideration including the season and the type of boat. For yacht charters, you can expect to pay around 400€ a day for a catamaran and around 350€ for a sailboat. If your plan is to rent a motorboat, you can find boats starting at 150€ for the day. Since the price range is much wider for motorboats, it is suggested to sort by the type of activity you need the boat for. Some boats are better suited for water activities and some are perfect for a quick trip to see the coast. 

Do you need a license to rent a boat in Corfu?


Corfu attracts many sailors because of the wonderful coasts and waters. This is the case for all levels of sailors from beginners to the more advanced. For first time sailors or those with less experience, this is the perfect place to sharpen your skills due to the calm waters and easy line of navigation. If you don't feel comfortable enough sailing on your own, you can hire a boat with a skipper that will captain the boat for you. If you rent a bareboat, it is important to know the Greek legislation in regards to yacht chartering and boat rentals in general. For motorboats less than 30hp, no license is needed. If you plan to charter a yacht, a license is necessary and an ICC is recommended. For all rentals, you will have to provide your previous sailing experience. 


Overview of Corfu 


When arriving in Corfu, you'll be really close to the marina, which is only approximately 20 minutes. The beautiful thing about Corfu is it is both stunning on land and off. Explore the city before hitting the waters and see the twon built between two fortresses. The local cuisine in Corfu is really exciting and worth exploring and having a nice dinner in a town full of charm and character is the perfect start for your vacation.


After you take control of your boat, you'll have plenty to explore from all of the fishing villages to the amazing coast. Much of the surrounding areas are well known fishing villages, which are becoming increasingly popular. The great thing is you'll be able to create your own custom itinerary and see all of the beautiful sights that a Corfu boat hire has to offer. 


Island Hopping from Corfu


In the Ionian Islands, the best starting point is undoubtedly Corfu. Corfu is the perfect departure point because of its location and its beauty. The emerald waters and wonderful scenery are what the islands are all about. The exotic beaches you’ll find in the picturesque villages will surely leave a long lasting mark in your memories. Corfu will be the perfect base to set off and see some of the best natural scenery you will ever see. 


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Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 77553 reviews
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