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Overview of Palma 


Palma is one of the prime cruising destinations not just in Spain, but in all of Europe. One of the main cities of Mallorca, along with Formentera, Menorca, and Ibiza, make up the main attraction for sailing enthusiasts visiting the Balearic Islands. 

It looks like this city in Mallorca was created by nature for the sole purpose of sailing. It has multiple anchorages, secluded coves, and many natural harbors – all features that sailing enthusiasts look for in their dream boating destination. 


Renting a boat in Palma


 In Palma, you will find no shortage of activities. Experience the Spanish way of life in the hilltop villages, visit the wonderful orchards of oranges, enjoy the hidden beaches, and time travel by feasting the eyes on the stunning Gothic architecture. 


This holiday city is a lot more fun for tourists who love boating. That being said, Palma is many times more beautiful when seen from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 


If your main destination is Palma and you're looking to hire a boat, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. The waters bordering the city are full of boats of all shapes and sizes. It has some of the best and highly professional services that you can find in the Balearic Islands. 


Of course, your decision will depend on several factors, such as budget, preference, requirements, number of people in your group, and the distance you want to travel. To make your job easier here is a brief look at the options that you have in Palma. The boat rental services in the city have all major types of boats that tourists love – motorboats, sailboats, RIBs, catamarans, houseboats, and yachts. 


Those who don’t want to venture out too far into the water can choose a motorboat, sailboat, or a RIB for a single day. Otherwise, charter a yacht in Palma, with or without a skipper and go island hopping and cover several tourist hotspots in the region in a week or longer. 


The boats available to rent in Palma are also known for their top-notch, yet affordable service. Tourists can rent a boat in Palma for just 97€ per day. If you're looking to charter a catamaran, the average price per day is 400€ and you'll have the option of having a skipper as well. 


Weather in Palma


The city of Palma enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, which is a subtropical climate characterized by hot and dry summers and humid but mild winters. 


While other parts of Mallorca and its fellow Balearic Islands are known to experience strong north wind that blows over the Mediterranean, Palma escapes its wrath; largely due to the mountainous ranges. The city receives moderate to heavy rainfall from November to April. The remaining months get almost no rainfall, leaving Palma hot and dry, as mentioned above. 


The summers are hot, but not unbearable, thanks to the cooling effect of the Mediterranean waters. The summer is at its peak in August, when the temperature reaches the maximum of 40 degree Celsius. Again due to the surrounding sea, Palma never experiences sub-zero temperature winters. Palma witnesses its peak tourism season from April to June, September, and October. Which are also the best period to go boating ! 


How to get to Palma, Spain?




The quickest way to reach the city is by plane. It is is one of the top tourist destinations in Spain, so you'll have several choices of airlines operating flights in and out of the city. Palma and other parts of Mallorca are served by the Son Sant Joan Airport, which is the third-largest airport in Spain and just 8km from Palma. 


The Balearic Islands, which also includes the city of Palma, receive tourists almost throughout the year. Hence, the Son Sant Joan Airport serves more than a million passengers every year. There are several domestic flights connecting Palma to other Spanish cities (in the region and mainland) such as Seville, Menorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona. 

Holidaymakers could use a bus or cab to commute from the airport to the accommodation. From the airport, the bus service will take you to Palma town center and Playa de Palma; check out the bus routes and timetable for more information. Alternatively, tourists can also hire a cab to travel to their accommodation. 




Tourists not taking a flight to the Balearic Islands have no option but to use a ferry service to reach Palma. If you're travelling during the high season, make sure you plan everything well in advance. Palma is a very popular tourist destination, so book in advance to save money and avoid last-minute hiccups.  


Things to do in Palma,


While you, like the scores of tourists visiting Palma, want to spend as much time as possible on the boat exploring the Mediterranean, there is plenty to do and experience in the inland as well. Tourists can partake in the simple and relaxed life of the Spanish people. The holidaymakers would love the friendly attitude and hospitality of the local people that can be sampled in the many cafes and restaurants. If you love sports, the opportunity for water sports is aplenty. In addition, you can also enjoy tennis, golf, and horse riding. 


Tourists planning on an extended holiday can use Palma as their base to explore other islands in the region. Charter a yacht in Palma or rent any boat and sail to Ibiza. If you’re lucky, a pod of dolphins will ride along with the boat, making the trip to Ibiza an unforgettable one. 


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