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How can I choose my currency?

It is now possible for an owner to choose which currency they wish to receive payment in. When creating an account you can now choose to receive payment in £$ or . The currency you select when you create your account will be the one that will be set for you. You can’t change a payout method’s currency once you’ve selected it.

The set currency is the currency for pay-in for the renter and pay-out for the owner. The renter will still be able to select the display currency they wish to see the rates in, and we will apply the daily conversion rate. 

For existing owners who currently receive payment or have their account in , you can change to $ or £. Please email us at, and we will make this change for you.

If we proceed with the change : This new feature will automatically convert the rates that are listed on the platform. We advise the owner to select the currency of the country/zone the boat is operating in.

For example, for an American owner with an American bank account that has a boat in Spain, we recommend that the owner uses Euro instead of dollars. As the rates shown are based on the location of the boat, it will be easier for the renter to pay in the local currency.

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