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How does the ranking of my ad on SamBoat work?

The order of appearance of ads, in searches, on SamBoat, depends on several criteria based on a weighting algorithm. By following the criteria below your ad will benefit from an optimized ranking. 

  • The more the location matches the search, the more your ad will be on top.
  • Your positive reviews received and sent count: the more you rent, the more reviews you will receive which will put your ad in front (the number and the average are taken into account).
  • For your response time, the more active you are on the platform and respond quickly to your clients, the better your ad will be referenced. 
  • Your acceptance rate (above 60%): the number of requests you accept out of the number of requests received. If you keep your calendar up to date and clearly state your terms, you will be able to accept applications more easily and instantly improve your acceptance rate. 
  • A 100% complete ad will be more valuable than an incomplete ad. 
  • A flexible cancellation policy will make your ad stand out and reassure your renters. But be careful, your cancellation conditions must correspond to you and be respected. 
  • A regular update of your calendar: you can attest that your ad is up to date from your calendar via a button.
  • Activation of instant booking: you can activate it if you have at least 3 confirmed rentals and at least a 50% acceptance rate.
  • On a new ad, a boost for your first rental implies a 20% discount on your price, but highlight your ad.

Our team of advisors does not have the hand on the order of appearance of the ads, so it's up to you! ;)