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How is the acceptance rate calculated?

The acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of rental requests you have accepted to the total number of requests received.

The calculation: 

Rental requests considered "Accepted" are all requests that have gone through either the Paid or Pre-Approved status. 

Reservations in "Pending", "Discussion", "Prepaid" status are ignored as they are not yet answered. They are therefore not taken into account in the calculation.

The acceptance rate is calculated on the last 10 rental requests once you have received at least 6 requests.

> On average, an owner who keeps his availability calendar up to date has an acceptance rate of 70% of his bookings.

 Please note:

If you have a low (<30%) or very low (<15%) acceptance rate, a mention will be added to your ad to indicate to the renter that there is little chance that the rental will be successful.