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Operation and referencing of the advertisements

SamBoat offers a networking service to its Members whose registration on the Site opens the door to participation in Boat rental activities, whether as Owner or Tenant.

1.     Operation

Description of the service
The SamBoat concept thus enables private or professional Boat Owners to be put in contact with any person wishing to benefit from a Boat rental service. SamBoat's aim is to structure and secure the community within which Owners and potential Renters can exchange with each other and finalize a rental.

Price of the service
Access, registration and use of the Platform are free of charge. The prices displayed on the Platform are inclusive of all taxes; they include boat insurance and service charges.

A 18% commission is payable by the Owner to cover the Service Fee.

Method of payment
The Tenant must pay the rental amount by credit card (MASTERCARD OR VISA) in the Tenant's name or by bank transfer. Cheques, cash, e-cards, prepaid bank cards, Mastercard Maestro, Paypal or American Express are not accepted. The Remuneration due to the Owner is paid by the Site to the Owner's bank account within 24 hours after the first day of rental.

The security of transactions is ensured by the company MANGOPAY, approved for the management of third party accounts in the 31 countries of the European Economic Area.

As a boat owner, it is mandatory to be insured for your rental activity. 

As a renter, it is possible to subscribe to :

An insurance to buy back the deposit, which allows the reimbursement of the deposit to the tenant in case of damage.
Cancellation insurance which reimburses the amount of the rental in case of unforeseen circumstances (accident, illness, dismissal...).

2.     Referencing criteria

Referencing criteria
The necessary conditions to be able to propose a Boat for rent are the following:

- to be Owner of a Boat and to have the documents establishing a regular right of ownership;

- to guarantee the authenticity and sincerity of the documents and information seized;

- to have the documents establishing the insurance of the Boat at the year;

- to offer a Boat in perfect working order and regularly maintained;

- to equip the Boat offered for rent with safety equipment in accordance with its navigation category.

Deferral criteria
Owners' offers may be temporarily or permanently deferred for the following reasons:

Failure to comply with the T&Cs
Canceling Confirmed Reservations
Diversion of tenants from the platform
Boat judged unfit for navigation (lack of maintenance, safety equipment, traffic map...)
Lack of response to requests, or refusal rate too high.
Absence of a lease contract

Ranking of offers
The Internet user can navigate on the SamBoat website and search for a boat according to several criteria (location, type of boat, dates, capacity...). The search results are displayed directly to the user according to the availability of the ads. The default ranking which is displayed as "recommended" is the one of relevance to the user's search. This ranking takes into account several criteria such as response time, evaluations, the freshness of the ad, completion rate, certification, etc... The user can also sort the results according to other criteria :

Rate (from the cheapest to the most expensive)
Reviews (Top marks first)
Discount rate (greater % discount first)
No capital or remuneration link has any impact on the ranking of the advertisements.