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The first rental promotion

If you have not yet rented your boat, you can propose to boost your first rental, i. e. to offer a 20% discount on the first requests.

To activate this boost, goes into the ad management tab, promotion section. 

From the moment you activate your discount by checking the box above and clicking on "Save", your ad will automatically offer 20% discount on all future rental requests.
Your ad will also be highlighted in our search engine in the first pages of results.
Upon payment of one of these requests, your ad will no longer offer this discount. On the other hand, requests sent between the activation of the discount and the first payment will keep their reduced rate. 

If your ad is successful, you may have several rentals with this reduced rate.

As soon as you have your first rental, you will no longer be able to offer this option. However, you will be able to offer promotions in the "Ad Management" / "Promotions" section.