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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 110979 reviews
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All catamaran Bali-4-1 to charter in the world


With Samboat, you will have all the options to charter a catamaran Bali-4-1 anywhere in the world, especially in popular travelling or sailing destinations. Catamaran Bali-4-1 is one of the most popular renting choices in Samboat thanks to its various functions and high qualities. You will always have available inventory of catamaran Bali-4-1 with Samboat to proceed your vacations.



Overview of catamaran Bali-4-1


Catamaran Bali-4-1 is one of the top rented boat types in Samboat, for which the reviews are generally high from our clients. Catamaran Bali-4-1 is designed with modern and comfortable style. It always is very spacious, perfect to rent by families and groups of friends. It’s the leading catamaran type among all. Many people choose catamaran Bali-4-1 also for its luxurious designed style to add more joys on their sailing experiences. Catamaran Bali-4-1 is equipped with very cockpit and smooth and elegant curves making it the stylish boat among all. Catamaran Bali-4-1 is 12.37m long with beam 6.72 m. It has 2 engines with 40hp to promise an excellent speed. For the fuel and water capacity, you don’t need to worry about it since it has both capacities at 300L.



Price and information to rent a catamaran Bali-4-1


With Samboat, you have a large inventory to rent a catamaran Bali-4-1 for your vacation at the best price. The price of rental can change along with the change of seasons. In peak season, the rental price will rise up a bit due to high demand. The average rental price for catamaran Bali-4-1 is 1000 euros a day. When it comes off season, the rental price lows down to 700 euros a day on average.



How many passengers a catamaran Bali-4-1 can take?


Catamaran Bali-4-1 provides spacious space for families and groups of friends. It has 3-4 double cabins with double beds on aft cabin, providing side access for the next cabin. This feature of catamaran Bali-4-1 promises you a comfortable area to rest. Catamaran Bali-4-1 is a perfect choice for a group of friends and families to navigate during vacations. It has 4 cabins, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets in total. It can provide comfortable accommodations to 6-10 people on average.



When to rent a catamaran Bali-4-1?


Catamaran Bali-4-1 is always a popular choice for many sailors in summer such as in July and August. If you are going to sailing in hot tourist destinations, Samboat recommends you book it in advance, normally 4-6 months before is early enough to have your catamaran Bali-4-1 as your travel partner. If you are not going to navigate in popular vacation places, book your catamaran 1-2 months earlier is safe enough to have inventories.



How much to buy a catamaran Bali-4-1?


If you are more interested to buy Bali-4-1, it’s also a good move since it’s more convenient and flexible for you. A brand-new catamaran Bali-4-1 2021 can cost 580,155.00€ on average, the price can be more considering maintaining fees.

A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 110979 reviews