5 Most Wonderful Places To Visit in Malta By Boat

By Kanika Dabra - June 12, 2020

Malta is an easily reachable island that is a stunning holiday destination for travellers. It’s located in Southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has beautiful natural landscapes, stunning attractions, historical culture and fantastic beaches. One of the best activities you can do is a boat rental in Malta. Here is a list of 5 wonderful places to visit in Malta by boat. Set sail along the wonderful coastline and imposant cliffs to discover the secret gems of the Maltese archipelago.


Valletta is the capital city of Malta and one of the places you should definitely visit if you are planning a holiday. The city is located on the south eastern part of the island and provide many fun activities for travellers. Even though Valletta is a small capital, it’s still rich in historical culture, beautiful sites and lively streets. The city has an amazing atmosphere.

If you are planning a boat rental in Malta, Valetta is one of the most wonderful places to visit by boat. You can either start you sailing holiday from here, because the city has two very well equiped harbours. Or you can stop here to wander around the city as discover the beautiful capital. All in all, Valletta is an excellent choice on your itinerary.

Comino Island

If you are visiting Malta and seek for an adventure, definitely rent a boat to visit the nearby island of Comino. It’s a true paradise on Earth with one of the best beaches in the Maltese archipelago.

One of the most imposant sites to visit on the island of Comino is definitely the Blue Lagoon. The bay attracts many tourists during the high season because its breathtaking views. The crystal clear water, sandy beach will certainly amaze you! It’s an ideal place for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing for a day.

Gozo Island

The island of Gozo is very easily reachable from Malta by boat, therefore provides an idyllic place for a daytrip. By being a smaller and calmer island than Malta, it provides a different atmoshpere for travellers.

You can admire the stunning landscapes, the calm beaches and the clear blue waters. This place is ideal for anyone who wish to spend a relaxing day away from the crowd in Malta. Rent a boat and set sail to discover this piece of paradise!


One of the best places for a boat rental in Malta is definitely in Sliema. Sliema is located on the east coast of Malta along the Mediterranean Sea. In Sliema you can wander around the lively streets to admire the stunning architecture and sites or go to the beach to have fun. Moreover, it’s an excellent location for a family holiday.

If you are seeking more adventure or interested in discovering Malta in depth, rent a boat in Sliema and set sail in the Mediterranean. Explore the other islands in the archipelago, visit the hidden gems of Malta and have fun sailing along the beautiful coasts.

Saint Julian’s

Saint Julian’s is located near Sliema, on the east coast of the island. This town has everything that a typical seaside town needs. Excellent beaches, good restaurants and an amazing port. It can be an excellent stopover on your itinerary to spend a relaxing day here.

Moreover, the lively athmosphere of the city doesn’t end during the day, as it has an excellent nightlife too. You won’t be disappointed if you stop here for a day that’s for sure!

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