5 Reasons To Go Sailing Off-Season For Your Next Holiday

By Kanika Dabra - May 6, 2020

When one thinks about the best time to go on a holiday is says sometime between June and the end of August. During this high season, you can find the highest prices, usually most places are very crowded, but with excellent weather. However, the excellent climate makes it possible to extend this period and go sailing off season.

Going on an amazing holiday at spring or early autumn has many advantages. Not to forget the fact, that for sailing, a bit lower temperatue and a bit of wind is even more beneficial. If you haven’t yet thought about sailing off season, here is a list of 5 reasons why you should rent a boat and go sailing off season.

Less tourists

One of the greatest advantage of going on a holiday off season is the decreasing number of tourists. During the high season typically, all the resorts, attractions and beaches are packed with visitors. If you want to avoid that, we recommend travelling from April to June or in September, October.

You will find that there is more space on the streets, you don’t necessarily need to book a restaurant or queue at a popular sightseeing spots.

Cheaper prices

Secondly, a big advantage of travelling off-season is definitely the lower prices. Not only can you rent a boat for a lower price, but you can also get to your destination cheaper. Given that the demand is lower off-season, prices drop too.

These bargain prices include such as general travelling fees and accomodation fees. Many times you can even find lower entry prices to the popular attractions. In general, we can say that travelling off-season is a budget friendly option.

Higher availability

Lower demand at the popular holiday destinations can only mean one thing: higher availability. There is always a higher availability of boats and accomodations at your chosen destination.

Especially if you like planning trips last minute or change plans spontaneously, you don’t have to limit your choices. This means that you will more likely find the perfect boat for your holiday as you can enjoy a wider selection available for you.

Good weather

The good weather doesn’t necessarily end in parallel with the high season. Even if you are out of the main season, in most of the locations you still can enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather. Keep in mind that for sailing a bit of a lower temperature and wind is even more perfect!

Moreover, in some cases you might find the nature to be even more beautiful off-season. Having less tourists you can admire the breathtaking views and the beauty of the nature. For instance, the blossoming flowers and the nice smells that you can find in April and May are just amazing!


And finally, you will find calmness and peace in most of the places. In some places you might find that you cannot enjoy yourself, because of the dense streets, the overcrowded beaches and the queuing restaurants. This is however, not the case in off-season periods, where you can enjoy your personal space and there is only a comfortable amount of people everywhere.

You will find that the sea is much calmer as there are less boats and the same goes for ports too. Finally, you will see the true side of the nature in its calm state.

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