A day on a boat in the Algrave region of Portugal

By Kanika Dabra - October 13, 2020

The Algrave region is located in the very south of Portugal. Famous for its dry and warm climate, you will certainly fall under the spell of its fishing villages and natural creeks. This is a perfect places to spend a day on a boat in the Algarve region of Portugal.

The Algrave region of Portugal is famous for its sea caves that were formed in the rock. Renting a boat is the only way to access these natural rock formations. If you wish to enter the caves, we recommend that you rent a small, semi-rigid boat.

There is no ideal season to rent a boat in Portugal. The sun is present all year round. Temperatures can be very high during the tourist season in July and August. The sea is generally calm for renting a boat, so you will have easy access to beaches and caves. However, be careful on days with heavy seas, it will be impossible for you to get inside the caves.

We have prepared an itinerary for a one-day sailing trip from Lagos, Portugal. Renting a boat in the Algrave is the best way to visit Lagos and its surrounding region.

1. Start your itinerary from the small village of Lagos

Head to the port of Lagos to start your itinerary in the Algrave region. Make sure you have sunscreen and food and water supplies before you leave.

It is easy to rent a boat in the Algrave from the port of Lagos. Indeed, Lagos is the largest port in the region and you will find a wide choice of boats for rent.

Once your boat is ready, you’ll need to take a canal through the city. Then take one last look at Lagos before setting sail. You will start your itinerary by visiting the first natural cave, Ponta de Piedade.

2. Lagos – Ponta de Piedade (2,3 miles – 45 minutes)

Ponta de Piedade is an exceptional natural site with extravagant cliffs that flow into the sea. You can easily walk through the arches and caves by renting a boat. We recommend that you visit this little corner of paradise in the early morning to avoid the crowds if you leave in high season. If you wish to enjoy the landscape a little longer, you can anchor in this area. The sand at the bottom ensures a good grip. To continue exploring the caves, you will start a short crossing towards the Benagil cave.

If you venture inside the caves we recommend that you have a good level of driving skills. The courses can be very narrow and the boat more difficult to handle with the swell.

3. Ponta de Piedade – Algar de Benagil (8 miles – 2h30)

Leave the caves of Ponta Piedade and head towards the Benagil cave. You will sail along the entire coast before reaching the caves. Take advantage of this two-hour crossing to gain speed with your boat. Benagil is the best known cave in the Algrave region, but it is also one of the most impressive. A real gem, this little corner of paradise is only accessible by boat. You will be able to dock on a small beach between the cliffs to discover this magical place. The orange rock is reflected on the turquoise waters and you can see the sun through the holes formed by the rock. Once your visit is over, continue along the coast towards Covo Beach.

4. Algar de Benagil – Vale Covo Beach (1.7 miles – 35 minutes)

After a morning full of sightseeing and adventure, head to Covo Beach to enjoy a small picnic in the sun on the beach. This beautiful cliff-fringed beach is the perfect place to sit and admire the scenery. You can anchor easily, and the small coves will protect you from the swell.

5. Vale Covo Beach – Praia de Rocha (4.2 miles – 1h30)

Leave the small Covo Beach for the nearby Praia de Rocha beach. Praia de Rocha beach is a huge white sand beach bordered by red rock and greenery. It is an absolutely unique landscape waiting for you. You will be able to stop for a sunbath on this beach or on the following beach :Amado, famous for its surf spot. After a nice afternoon on the beach, it will be time to head back to Lagos.

On your way you will drive along the big beaches of Alvor and Praia.

6. Praia de Rocha – Lagos (6 miles – 1h)

After a beautiful day on a boat in the Algarve region, you will enjoy your return to land in the small town of Lagos. It is a very touristy town in the Algrave, renowned for the charm of its small picturesque village. If you take a walk through the streets of the city, you will surely come across works of street art that are hidden all over the city. To end your day in the Algrave, stroll through the narrow streets in search of local specialities. The town’s bakeries and restaurants are renowned for serving fresh and tasty meals.

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