5 essentials to bring on your next boat trip

There are plenty of things you might want to bring on your next boat trip, but it might be difficult for you to choose. In this article, we don’t focus on essential objects that might be important for your life and safety, but rather on nice things you wish you hadn’t forgotten the last time you hopped on a boat! Here is our list of the top 5 things to bring on your next boat trip. 1) Wat

The Sailor’s Dictionary

Are you a little lost among all the technical terms involved in sailing? It is essential to master all the nautical terminology in order to be well understood on board. Worry not, SamBoat has got you covered, and compiled a list of essential terms you should be aware of. But before you start going through our glossary, we’ve put together some graphics to help you navigate your way around a

Get the Below Deck Experience with the ultimate Malta trip

Watching the latest series of Below Deck Med has got us all dreaming about a lavish trip out on the gorgeous Mediterranean waters of Malta. Well, the SamBoat crew has decided to bring you the ultimate itinerary for a Below Deck-inspired stay in Malta – minus the drama, of course! First, head to picturesque Valletta, the smallest capital city in Europe, with influences from its parent cul

5 essential things you should do to sail sustainably

As a boat rental platform, the oceans are our main playground and that is why SamBoat has chosen to actively participate in the preservation of coral ecosystems. Thanks to our partnership with Coral Guardian, a boat rented through our platform is a restored coral piece! At SamBoat, we believe that it is important to reduce our ecological footprint. Caring about the future generations in terms

SamBoat commits to coral protection

A boat rented with SamBoat is a restored coral piece! At SamBoat we are aware that corals represent exceptional biodiversity and that we must absolutely preserve them. Scientists estimate that they are home to more than 25% of all marine species by providing habitable ecosystems for sea life. As a boat rental platform, the oceans are our main playground and that is why SamBoat has chosen to

Palermo dayboat route

Palermo is Sicily’s most populated city and the Italian island’s capital. Located in the island’s northern part, it is surrounded by incredible landscapes. On a Palermo dayboat route, visit some of Sicily’s most charming sites, explore the gorgeous coastline and participate in fun activities all around. Palermo has some fascinating places to visit around it, from beautiful beaches with cr

Hvar dayboat route

Hvar is the most famous out of all the Croatian islands. This is by virtue of its splendid landscape, with gorgeous coastlines and wonderful beaches. The turquoise blue sea will make you want to spend most of your time in it. Hvar is also full of small, charming villages, compensating for its wild nature. Put it simply, Hvar is perfect, it just has everything! Renting a boat for a Hvar dayboat ro

Mykonos dayboat route

Mykonos is a small Greek island located in the Aegean sea. It’s part of the world-class Cyclades archipelago and has become a hotspot for warm holidays in the past couple of years. Mykonos offers a vibrant party atmosphere, as well as beautiful scenery. On a Mykonos dayboat route, enjoy cruising around the island by anchoring at wonderful beaches along the way. From the crystal clear sea to cha

Goodbye paper, SamBoat launches the 1st digital contract on the SamBoat app

Pioneer in its field, SamBoat launches the first dematerialized contract on mobile to rent a boat. No more loose sheets, you can now make the rental contract and the inventory of fixtures directly on your smartphone! Safer, faster and more ecological, it will make your life much easier. To start, download the SamBoat application Download the iOS version (Apple) Download the Android ve

Corfu dayboat route

Corfu is one of the seven principal islands located in the west of mainland Greece, collectively known as the Ionian Islands. Along with the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, Corfu is also known as one of the three jewels of the Ionian Sea. With a long history and influences drawn from Venetian, Ottoman, Greek, and British empires, the island excellently fuses architectural, gastronomic, and natura