Olbia dayboat route

Olbia is an idyllic vacation getaway located in the Northern region of Sardinia, one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean sea. With an Olbia dayboat route, you can explore the magical blue waters of the Western Mediterranean, frolic in the endless white-sand beaches, and take a deep-dive into the region’s history.  Rent a boat in Olbia starting around the main port area, and set off

5 essential steps during your boat rental hand-over

There are a number of important steps to check before you leave port, such as the weather, fuel and the condition of the boat. These checks will certainly make your journey a lot easier and avoid potential problems along the way. Having a proper captain is essential and driving a boat isn’t always child’s play. Make sure the person who will be in charge has the proper skills and certification

Santorini dayboat route

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. It is nestled between Crete and Athens in the middle of the Aegen sea. Santorini has become a famous place to visit in Greece, mainly due to its unconventional shape formed by volcanic eruptions. Renting a boat in Santorini is, without a doubt the best way to explore the island and its fantastic surroundings. Get away from the crow

Como dayboat route

Lake Como, also known as Lake Lario, is an idyllic destination in Italy, located close to Milano and Torino. Famous for its grand villas with expansive parks, this is a great spot for rest and recreation. With a Como dayboat route, you will be able to explore the best on offer around Europe’s deepest lake. From villa visits to food adventures, rent a boat in Lake Como and allow yourself to be b

Miami dayboat route

Miami has everything anyone would want for a dreamy holiday. White sand beaches, plenty of sun, water sports, sailing, historical sites, top-notch nightlife, and more. You name it, this city has it all! Renting a boat in Miami is one of the best things to do and definitely a big part of the culture. The city is accommodated with many marinas and is well known for its boating lifestyle. On a Miami

Positano dayboat route

Nestled on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the more famous villages in this part of the world. Surrounded by magical waters, and other charming villages and towns of the Amalfi Coast such as Amalfi, Praiano, and Maiori, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a lot to offer. With a boat rental in Positano, you will be able to immerse yourself in the marvels of this spectacular region with a Posi

Athens dayboat route

When you think about Greece, what comes to mind? Is it the crystal clear sea and its whitewashed villages along its ravishing coastlines? Or maybe you think of its incredible history, mythology and the remaining historical sites. Either way, Greece is simply beautiful. On an Athens dayboat route, you’ll get to explore some gorgeous islands and relax on isolated beaches. Renting a boat in Athens

La Spezia dayboat route

You might not have heard much about la Spezia, as it is not the main attraction in the area, the Ligurian region is most famously known for the five authentic Italian villages nearby  “Cinque Terre”. Indeed, la Spezia is very well located and is just a few minutes away from the beautiful range of villages. This makes this town the perfect place to rent a boat in Italy for a full day trip. Vi

Dubrovnik dayboat route

You might know about Dubrovnik from the Game of Thrones tv show or maybe an incredible laptop wallpaper that caught your eye. Either way, the city is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. The charm of the city is partially due to the older part of the town. It is protected by giant castle walls overhanging the turquoise sea below. Moreover, Dubrovnik is surrounded by amazing views, wit

Split dayboat route

Split is one of the best and biggest seafront towns in Croatia. The town is incredibly well located, neighbouring some of the country’s most beautiful spots making it a dreamy destination to go island hopping. Picture yourself swimming in crystal clear water, soaking in the sea by exploring the reefs and appreciating the beauty surrounding you. Taste local food, and enjoy the warm weather. By f