Top 10 Best Party Islands In The Caribbean

By Kanika Dabra - September 30, 2019

Everyday life can be really hectic, so treating yourself to a vacation once in a while should be a must for everyone. And the best vacation is to go on a cruise or party hard, or preferably both and that is entirely possible in the Caribbean! Check out these ten best party islands in the Caribbean for your next wild night.


If you’re in the mood for laidback partying, Jamaica is the place for you. An exotic location, beach parties, awesome nightclubs, restaurants with food that will make you salivate, what’s not to love about this incredible island?

St. Kitts & Nevis

If you are looking to spend holidays either with friends or in couple discovering the beachside nightlife, then these are the islands for you. Beachside bars can be found on the shores, offering mouth-watering cocktails and music from local bands. Mix this with the lush landscapes and gorgeous coastlines, and you can have fun and enjoy the boat parties that you’ll never forget.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Into barefoot partying and cocktails? Then this is the place for you. Jost Van Dyke may be a tiny island, but it is best known for being one of the best spots for celebrating New Years. Live reggae bands and beach parties that will last all night long, this is the place to let it all go.

St. Barths

Whether partying with the stars is one of the craziest things on your bucket list, you may be able to make it happen if you sail to St. Barths. This island is famous for its yacht parties and New Years’ celebrations, mostly both together. Celebrities have usually been sighted partying here, so go ahead and dance with the stars all night long.


Supposing that the carnivals your thing, then you are in for a treat, because no place does carnivals better than Trinidad. Loud music, vibrant costumes, and parties that’ll make you wish you could stop; this is the place to get down.

Saint Martin

Want to spend an evening with an old lady luck? In this case head on over to the casinos in St. Martin. Along with its amazing nightlife, this island is known for its scoring, whether it’s with a beautiful lady or good old luck at the pool table.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Island

If you always were the one between your friends dreaming about the regatta parties. Then this one is especially for you. Virgin Gorda hosts regatta parties every year in March for the yachting community. Everything from fancy dinners to good music and dancing to delicious cocktails, this is one island that caters to its guests in style.
Plus, you can go as a part of a luxury cruise or go sailing and see the sunset, so everything works out.


Want to try out your Salsa skills? Then Aruba is the place that will charm you and that you’ll never forget. Known for its diving resorts and snorkeling spots, this place turns into a party central at night, with nightclubs, cocktails, dance spots and casinos that will leave you itching for a second trip.

San Juan

If want to mix the American/Metropolis style partying and the island holidays life? This Puerto Rican city is known for its nightlife, with casinos that host in-house shows and bars, and more refined night clubs than you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. Not to mention, it has a coastline that promises one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. So do put it on your list for your next cruise.


What if we would tell you that you can party like a pirat? Barbados is the hottest spot in the Caribbean described as the place for rum and reggae music. With live music shows featuring some of the best reggae artists ever known, to delicious food and a nightlife that just won’t quit, this is the place if you want to really let go.

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